Mudras: Vajrapradama Mudra

Vajraparadama or gesture of the unwavering confidence. This mudra helps to feel you trained to face new challenges and reaffirms both your strength as your belief in a power top.


Crossing the fingers of both hands to the chest.

A solid primal confidence is the Foundation of a healthy self confidence. We have seasons that we believe to be able to overcome all that we come, and others in which we doubt, we feel insecure and believe not to be at the height of what us comes up. If we pay attention we will realise how important that is the force interior for our confidence in ourselves. When we are weak, it doesn't matter what level (physical or animico-mental) assails us insecurity. Now well, We can regenerate the inner strength with some specific mudras and the practice of physical and breathing exercises.

In addition, when we lose the union with the cosmic consciousness we start to doubt, to ruminate or we feel insecure. Isn't it wonderful to think that with a single thought we move away or remove this alienation at any time? Cosmic consciousness or the divine is always there, but where are we? This knowledge changes life.

To always remember this reality, put in bag or put on the table of desk or work an object, a talisman, so to speak.

At the beginning of the meditation consider your questions or your requests accurately, formulating them clearly, aloud or silently. It then, thanks for the advice that will be given to you. During the rest of the meditation keeps silent and focused its attention in the breathing.

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By • 26 Feb, 2014 • section: Practice