Five sources of energy

As so aptly always reminds us Ramiro Calle, yoga there are five primary sources of energy: adequate food, proper breathing, conscious relaxation, deep sleep, positive thinking and meditation. We can also see a sixth energy source that would be optimum physical exercise. Writes violet Arribas.

Sources of energy

We are energy and work with energy.

Life is given us thanks to a subtle energy between more subtle called Prana that it permeates everything and who access us primarily by light from the Sun, water, food and the air we breathe, and secondarily We can expand and amplify using techniques such as meditation, conscious relaxation and the asanas, among others, and habits related to the routine, the most important, what, when, what and how we eat.

Each of our tissues, organs, thoughts and emotions are constructed of Prana; our body is food (annamaya kosha) first, hence the importance of deepening the correct nutrition.

When there is continuous identification with our thoughts, and these are of a negative nature, plagued of unhealthy conditions, fears, resistance and greed, emotions that we continuously seized are mostly ungrateful and full of anxiety, and everyone can see what big energy leakage are. Although we were on an exotic beach lying in the Sun, as the mind is entangled in its duality, dependencies, and incorrect approaches the level of Prana fall so much as exhaustion will soon appear. That is why it is so important stop the mind, rest it, and even more to rearrange it and develop last degree awareness and clear vision.

It is there where the techniques of conscious rest, meditation and pranayama, which through control of the vital energy through breathing will get own come increase the available energy reservoir and make it possible to be born in mind a space of calm and silence, It will improve by far the practice of meditation.

The pranayama -that means expansion of the vital energy - is a set of techniques that lengthen and suspended breath, directing power to particular parts of our body, not just silk Central nervous system by reducing anxiety, but that we can provide a higher energy necessary to carry out our daily activities and reach the night without feeling tired.

Interdependent sources

All sources of energy are intertwined together, they are inter-dependent: one to care is to have an effect in another; in fact, the most immediate result of caring for feeding, breathing and mind simmers it, purifying it for to flourish the positive mental impressions, will be getting a deep sleep without dreams, of high quality which does not amount, and which to the next morning we will get one feeling of vigor and great energy.

Many people complain of tiredness, even from first thing in the morning. It seems that the origin of our fatigue is a matter external to us, but it is not so; We are the only people responsible. Changing our habits, simple guidelines and techniques, We can much improve our bodies and our minds, obtain vitality, prevent disease, and improve on our development.

An informative workshop

We will resume these questions, which is worthwhile to disclose, in a four-hour workshop and a half, the next Saturday, March 1 at Padmasana Center, on the sources of energy. We will give you the keys and tools on each of them, and it will include, as it could not be otherwise, practices of pranayama, meditation, and patterns of nutrition, healthy habits of exercise, purification and other related sources of Prana.

Violet ArribasWho is

Violet Arribas Alvarez. Ayurveda health consultant and teacher of Yoga.

Director of Padmasana Center Madrid.

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