Lilah, the game of life

An experience of self-awareness, a very serious game which is presented as a dynamic meditation, personal and group guided by the prestigious philosopher and researcher Olivia Cáttedra. Opportunity not to lose the 21 and 24 February in Madrid.

Chiang Man

Lilah It means 'game' in Sanskrit, and refers to the meaning of the manifestation and life in the shivaitas traditions. The L gameilahWhat Johari data in the 15th century, has been subject to a re-signification by a Mar del Plata research group, which I had the honour to address", it says Olivia Cáttedra.
"Our vision of the Lilah-continues Olivia-proposes an experience through a game where is poses a meditation dynamic, personal and group, about our situation synchronous in the life," the fluctuation of different levels of consciousness in which we participate simultaneously (intellectual, emotional, etc.), the principle of the double duality, auspicious symbol of the Kirttimukha (similar to the gargoyles of the medieval cathedrals), some interactions essential for the karmic law and the relationship between the intensity of the effects, the repetition of 'errors' and its appropriation from the notion of klesas (obstacles) according to Yoga Sutras II. During the meditative process convened by the game, is a particularly relevant secondary literature in its sapiential function function".

Who is Olivia Cáttedra

PhD in philosophy specializing in Oriental studies. Conicet researcher in the Area of comparative philosophy and history of religions. A founding member of the ex-Colegio of orientalists of the Republic Argentina. Author of 45 articles and ten books on their specialty (philosophy of the India and China), including: Asana inside, principles and techniques of gentle Yoga, Epimeleia supplements; Upasana, Treasures of the India; Hatha Yoga in Yoga, Ed. South graphics; Yoga and the soul, principles and techniques of Yoga soft II, Editorial Suarez; Tantra and Yoga, Publishing Suarez; Images and symbols of the truck in East and West; The crack of Karma: interlecturas of the Bhagavad Gîtâ and Yoga sutra.
The experience
When: Friday 21 and 24 February Monday
Opening hours: 17:00 to 21:00
Where: School of Yoga of tables. c / Isabel Colbrand 10-12 (Las Tablas) 5th floor, local 131, Madrid telephone 810101082

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