Yoga of the temples of the South of the India ceremonies

It is a unique opportunity to experience the Bhakti Yoga as it happens in the temples of the South of the India. From January 29 to February 2 in Centro Sivananda de Madrid. Free entrance.

Ceremony India

Yagneshwara, priest of the South of the India, held various ceremonies of Bhakti yoga with the following program, each a with a purpose different. Bid to Ganesha Yantra bid and Jyoti bid. Three days to immerse themselves in one of the most ancient ways of experiencing the Yoga of devotion.

  • Wednesday, 29 January, 20.30 h: "Ganesha puja".
  • Saturday, February 1, 19.00 h: "Yantra bid".
  • Sunday 2 of February, 19.00 h: "Jyoti bid: yantra and lamps".

Where? Centre de Yoga Sivananda. Street Eraso Madrid 4. (Metro Diego de León)

Following the tradition of the India it is advisable to make a donation of fruits and flowers to participate

There is no virtue higher than love,
not there is treasure greater that the love.
Not there is Dharma more large that the love,
not there is religion more high that the love,
love is the truth.
Swami Sivananda

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the devotion and it adjusts perfectly to people of nature emotional. Through the prayer, worship and ritual, one comes to see him divine as the personification of the love. The singing of Mantras is an essential part of Bhakti Yoga.

The term Bhakti comes from the root Bhaj, which means "be United to God".
Bhakti is the Supreme form of love. It is the love for love, without any selfish expectations.
Bhakti is the nature of the nectar. It is the spontaneous expression of divine, pure and selfless love. It is the emotion sacred higher with sublime feelings between devotees and divinity.

Bhakti elevates the mind to the heights magnanimous,
It is the master key to open the cameras of wisdom,
His practice culminates in knowledge,
in the realization of the be internal
and this union with the absolute.
Bhakti begins in two and ends at one.

A road open to all

Anyone can practice Bhakti Yoga under any condition. His practice does not require any learning, penance, the study of the Scriptures, or a brilliant intellect. All that is need is a thought live and constant to the divinity. That is the reason why the path of Bhakti is for everyone.

10 ways of experiencing Bhakti Yoga

  1. Focus on you to your heart and feel the way Supreme of the love.
  2. Performs any action which arouse the emotion of Bhakti in you.
  3. Book a place right in your House for the different practices of Bhakti.
  4. Performs Satsanga, meeting to sing mantras.
  5. Repeat your mantra (japa) with a bad.
  6. Sings the different names of the divinity (Kirtan).
  7. Practice prayer and meditation to fill your mind of harmony.
  8. Keep a proper conduct and practice non-violence to bring peace to your heart.
  9. Disclaimer: it is the true essence of devotional love.
  10. You turn on the light of love in your heart. He loves everyone. It includes all the creatures in the warm embrace of your love.
More information: Centro de Yoga Sivananda
Street Eraso Madrid 4.
Metro Diego de León


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