Mudras: Shivalinga

This mudra is very useful in cold times since it loosens the mucus that has accumulated in the lungs, helps expel mucus, relieves the cough and increased dynamism.


The right hand, with the thumb extended upwards resting on the Palm of the left hand which takes the form of a bowl. The fingers of the left hand are together. Hands are placed at the height of the abdomen and elbows open sideways and forward.

Practice as you need it, as many times as you like or 2 times a day for 4 minutes.

The right hand in this mudra symbolizes the male force, the phallus of Shiva, embodying the destructive aspect of the highest divine in Indian mythology. In the same way that the phallus symbolizes a home, Shiva represents the divinity that facilitates this new beginning to the extent that destroys something, in order to create the necessary conditions for renewal. If the flowers are not marchitaran, there would be no fruits, or if in our body worn cells are not destroyed, excrescences, etc. occur It's an eternal circle that must run flawlessly on us, both in the physical realm and the animico-mental. An inner strength, we all have in reserve, it keeps it running, and this force is assigned to the element water. This battery feeds the breathing. Therefore, the optimal quality of the breath is so important. The water element acts on the outer edge of the hand and in the center of the hand, while the thumb acts as a conductor of energy which is assimilated through the lungs.

This mudra is used against the the dissatisfaction, fatigue, depressions, gloom or relieving depletion After having to endure a prolonged stress or overload. You can also practice in waiting times, while we await the results of a medical examination, for example.

This mudra helps that prosper healing processes, regardless the State nor the type of disease. And in what refers to cures, it makes many more miracles that are known. Don't forget it when you have need to heal.

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By • Dec 11, 2013 • section: Practice