Elohim Festival, yoga, dance and mystical sound

We present Elohim Festival, a meeting of Yoga, dance and sound mystical, that will be held in room space round in Madrid, from 2 to 5 January 2014.


"Elohim" is the union of the male and female creative principles. We take the term of Hebrew origin to define our divinity in plural (gods/goddesses), living at all.

Elohim Festival will be a gathering of music and concerts, shows, yoga classes and several dances. Four days of movement of consciousness and energy, inner work with the most powerful tools of transformation that we know of: yoga, sound, voice, expressive movement and silence. A burst which can not leave us indifferent.

Elohim is conceived as a participatory meeting where the attendees are the protagonists and interact in the different activities. There is no audience, only actors and protagonists.

The activities are designed for heterogeneous support, like life itself. This means that you don't have to have done yoga or dance or learn sing to attend a practice of yoga, an African dance workshop or a kirtan.

All activities are affordable for everyone. All you need are eager to explore.

Activities and participants

Elohim Festival is born with three sections: Yoga, dance and sound mystical. We believe that they are three slopes to climb, share and make Summit at the top of the mountain where we connect tod@s in one.

If you want to experience it and enjoy it and that does not tell you about it from hearsay, if you want to understand it from the heart and not from the head, because you can book or buy your tickets.

And if you wish, join participants...

-Angeles Sanz Vicar, degree in Semitic Philology, specializing in ancient languages and religions. Formed in cantoterapia, prenatal singing, music therapy, different disciplines of Tai Chi, dance theatre and contact, she is the founder of the Acantarte Association.

Since 2008 he performed sessions and concerts of meditation with ancient instruments and harmonic singing. He has recorded his first album in 2012 with the title "Sound pure", which translates a session of sound recorded in the present moment, as all concerts of healing with sound therapy: this pure and vibration.

More information: www.facebook.com/angeles.sanz.vicario / http://cantoterapia.wordpress.com/

-Carlos Guerra. Learn India classical music from 30 years ago. His first teacher taught him singing Ragas; as, i learned to develop the use of the vocal technique as applied to his instrument from the outset: the Bansuri (Indian bamboo flauta).

He gives classes and courses of vocals and bansuri in Japan and Spain and performed concert tours by both countries. His musical experience is based on the "classical music of the North of the India", performing also collaborations with all kinds of genres of music for several years.

More information: www.carlosbansuri.com

-Eduardo Laguillo. Composer and musician experienced, self-taught in his early days, later forms in schools of classical music and jazz in Barcelona and at the Superior School of music of Vienna (Austria).

Scholar of hindu music, discover and explore the healing potential of sound and other spiritual dimensions of music through it. This pushes it to develop a teaching system of the voice that helps the student to rediscover its potential vocal, cure their ailments, increase their self-esteem, communicate effortlessly and manage their energy with presence. "Multi-instrumentalist" (piano, guitar, sarod, percussion) and singer, is a composer of a varied work that includes music for image, theatre and advertising, as well as two own work, there's something in the air, Manoa and already Wadud.

More information: www.eduardolaguillo.com

-Guglielmo Foffani. It is stable pianist of the project "Ayahuasca Tango" (ayahuasca, the sacred plant of Amazonian shamans, is the connection of the self with its true essence to transcend it, in therapeutic or spiritual sense, tango, Argentinean dance par excellence, is the connection of the masculine and the feminine, the embrace of opposites which arises a new unit).

He holds a PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Drexel (USA) and works as a researcher at the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo. In 2009 he received the "Premio Olympus for young researchers", awarded by the Spanish society of neuroscience.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/guglielmo.foffani

-Gone Segal. Instrumentalist of strings and percussion. Playing Frame Drum, Darbuka, Doholla, and Riqq and he continues to learn the techniques and the infinite possibilities that has the rhythm.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/idogtr

-Juan Ramon Hernandez. Yoga teacher, reached through the path of yoga and meditative introspection, mysticism, creating his own school, Swatantrya, inner freedom, where it divides the life experience with his students, since the year 2000.

More information: www.yogaypilates.org

-Lalita Devi. This holistic dancer, is creator and facilitator of dance Kundalini. He is also Director of Saraswati dance and founder of Sarasvati space holistic.

Diploma in Hatha Yoga and "chakradiagnosis", currently develops its work investigating the influence to have dance in deep levels of our being, as a holistic therapy.

Their studies focused on classical Arabic dance, fusion Arabe-flamenco, Fusion with dance of the India, Gypsy of the Rajasthan-Kalbelia and devotional prayers, passing through Turkish dances (Roman dance) and zingara.

More information: http://www.sarasvatidanza.com/

-Martha Tena. In adolescence he met by chance the yoga and since that day he has accompanied it in many ways but always evolving to sulado. One day, yoga and dance of found and until today, living a warm and tender romance through his body and his soul.

-Orestes Prieto Armenteros. His life in dance.

More information: www.ahoradanzalibre.com

-Pedro Llopis. Musician, singer and music teacher dedicated to search, find and expand frontiers, as well as new horizons with the magic of sound as a tool of expression, meditation, therapy, communication and entertainment.

This need Explorer has led him guitar overtone singing through the violin, bass, piano, mandolin, clarinet, flutes, percussion, sitar, tampura, didjeridoo, harp's mouth, kalimba, and other ethnic instruments along its extensive musical experience.

It combines in his recordings and concerts the fusion of vocal harmonics with different musical styles and in recent years with the devotional singing and the music of India. It also organizes classes, lectures, concerts and intensive seminars focused on the initiation and deepening in the art of this "magical" way of singing.

-Raul Thais Antequera. Their concerts are educational in the sense that teach the person down from the mind to the heart of why the feeling, in the sense that unite music and meditation.

More information: www.musicacuantica.com

-Roman Garcia Lampaya. Therapist trained in various body therapies such as the diafreotherapy and rhythmic massage, polarity therapy, will give a workshop of harmonic singing.

It coordinates circles of healing sound and individual sessions of the song as autosanadora harmonization tool; imparts training in "Sound therapy" and organizer of the annual meeting of harmonics in "Diafanum" from 2007.

More information: www.diafanum.com

-Ruby Alonso. Formed in movement and body-mind therapy and Transpersonal development harmonic "(Sistema Rio Abierto) and in dance, yoga and massage, is defined as"the dancer's life"."

He currently teaches of expressive movement, yoga and movement.

More information: www.recreare.es

-Sento Basilio Ortiz Lledó. Musician multi-intrumentista, focusing their training in the domain of ethnic percussion and wind instruments. He holds a degree in clinical psychology and specialist in psychology of the amplified States of consciousness. It takes more than one decade of experience in the field of therapy and music education. It was formed in ethnomusicology by the Université de Montréal, making your thesis and field work on the interaction between music and trance in Dominican Republic Voodoo ceremonies. Necessarily, discovered joining the vibration and movement to learn from your own body, he is a practitioner of yoga, capoeira, Tai Chi-Chi-Kung and contact-Improv.

-Sunie Mantra. A group of music that comes from the practice of the Sadhana of Kundalini Yoga. Motivated by this tradition mantras yogic teachings bequeathed by Yogi Bhajan and Guru Ram gives energy, you create this project that integrates the devotional music with different styles and influences.

Sunie Mantra is formed by Paramjot Singh (Chile), Ramdeep Kaur (Germany), Gurmuk Singh (Alcorcón) and Surjeet Kaur (Madrid), Kundalini Yoga teachers.

More information: http://suniemantra.wordpress.com/

-Tata Quintana. Formed on the S.A.T. (integrative transpersonal psychology) programme and T.C.I. (integrative body therapies). A graduate in philosophy and literature, studies singing, speech, orthoepy. At the forefront of various musical formations, he has performed in Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, United States, Switzerland, Morocco and Italy. He has taught in various schools of music and theatre and has been Professor of Jazz vocal in the Superior Conservatory of Navarra.

Practitioner of the "real movement" and contemporary dance, currently collaborates with musicians, actors and dancers ("project e are one" contemporary dance and improvised music) and combines with teaching scenarios.

More information: www.tataquintana.com

-CSC Nakamura. Of Japanese descent, learn classic chant of India with their teachers in Nepal and India since 20 years ago.

It takes several years showing the shape of the song of India, making courses and workshops in Japan and also in Spain. In addition, it is doing research work with the traditional folk music of his country (Minya) and Japanese folk melodies, fusing them with the music of India, flamenco and other original music and root. His voice brings an air of exotic and deep to his many musical collaborations.

-Vanesa penalty. Formed e dance, Yoga, meditation and Personal growth. Dancer and teacher, used vehicles such as African dance, dance Contact Improvisation, contemporary dance, body awareness, Oriental Dance, expressive movement, Yogas, meditation, shamanic work and musicianship.

Prices and reservations

Fertilizer €130
Entry €35
Two tickets €60 (only Thursday and Friday)
By phone: 91 345 68 67
Email: juanfestivalsonido@gmail.com
Account number. 0049 1152 142690031491 (B. Santander). Owner: Juan Hernanz
School of Yoga Swatantrya: C/Menéndez Pidal 27 (Duque de Pastrana underground) Madrid
At the box office on the same day: 1 input 45 tickets 2 €80 €

More information

Juan Ramón Hernanz, promoter and coordinator of Elohim Festival.

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