Mudra: Kalesvara Mudra

This mudra calms the mind and reassures the avalanche of thoughts or altered emotions. It is powerful and can change character traits and eliminates addictive behaviors.


The mid-finger buds, the first two phalanges of the indexes and thumbs touch. The other fingers are bent inwards. Thumbs point to the chest and the elbows are raised outwards.

Breathe in and breathe slowly 10 times. Then watch the breath lengthening the pauses after each inspiration and each exhalation.

The Kalesvara Mudra reassures the avalanche of thoughts or altered emotions. The more the person calms down, the greater the intervals between thoughts. At the same time,umenta the capacity for discernment to be able to make new observations about yourself, finding and finding solutions.

When a hyperactivity of the "thinking apparatus" occurs or for example certain thoughts are turned around without being able to stop them, Bach flower number 36, the chestnut tree of the Indies, produces real miracles.

This mudra is also used to change character traits, stimulate memory and concentration or suppress addictive behaviors. This must be practiced daily for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

Throughout our lives we polish the features of our character in the same way that the sculptor makes a statue from a block of report stone. But this should never become a battle against oneself, but a loving and sympathetic guide in the right direction. As unpleasant and annoying as may be the negative traits of our character, our bad habits or addictions, once overcome, make us move forward.

  • First ask yourself what this feature or habit brings you.
  • Ask Cosmic Consciousness for your help and complicity in this project.
  • Describe the new quality or habit in as much detail as possible.
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