The neuroplasticity of the master (or teach from the heart)

Reduce teaching to the intellect is a cold abstraction. Reduce it to the emotional education is narcissistic. Reduce it to the spiritual causes to lose the anchor with the real world... All have to knit together a multidisciplinary loom where consciousness is expressed. By Koncha pines-Pey Ph.d. for space MIMIND.

Teach with heart

I am a teacher's heart and there are moments, when I think of my students, that hardly can contain the joy that I feel your pain when you want to discover uncharted territory, when they want to explore a path of mind and come out of the thicket of suffering... I feel as if a ray arose in his mind. Teaching is the only thing that I know.

But there is time in the classroom, in schools, in the universities, where I feel that there is no life, everything is pain and confusion. I feel that this "teach" has no future, the transparent illusion of connection disappears. The enemy appears everywhere, it seems as if the students were alien, and that is part of the clinical pathology of "become a teacher". That silly I was believing that he had mastered the hidden art of reading tea grounds!

The mental illusion of education has three fronts important: the first two are common, but the third is most important and is rarely recognized.

First of all, the things that we share are as large and complex as life itself. No matter how many hours take research, readings, practices. Teaching requires a mastery of the content Metacognitive which always escape to our logical understanding. Second, students who we teach are more beautiful and complex than life itself. To see them clearly and as a whole we should be "always present". But few of us are as King Solomon.

Teaching, like any other human activity, arises from the own interiorization, for better or worse. When I teach, I project the State of my mind in my students, what I have shown and the way of being together. The illusion of the experiment of the classroom is more than an expression of my inner life. Seen from this angle... education is the mirror of the soul. If I'm willing to look in the mirror and not run scared when the stepmother of the story... I have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and conocerme to me same, crucial for good teaching. Knowing that education, students and teachers are one.

The interior of a Professor landscape

In fact, we know that our students and the subject depends on our degree of internalization. When I don't know myself, I can not know to my students. I'm going to see through the dark glass of the formal assessment, the same shadows in my life and that I can't see clearly, and from where I can not teach. When I don't know myself, but you know what I teach, I have not understood it. Not at deep levels, I have not played it, I have not provided you with personal meaning. I know only that I have at the abstract level a series of concepts so far away from the real world as I am of my personal truth.

You need to open a new frontier in the form of explore good teaching: the interior of a teacher's life landscape. And draw a whole new landscape, three paths to be taken into account: the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual, and none of them can ignore science and consciousness are the same. Reduce teaching to the intellect is a cold abstraction, reduce it to emotional education is narcissistic, reduce it to spiritual causes to lose the anchor with the real world... Everyone has that a multidisciplinary loom weaving where consciousness is expressed. Education is the result of all those moments, of the moment by moment, and it's necessary that they interlock in the pedagogical discourse.

Intellect I am referring to the way in which the teaching and learning, of the form and the content of our concepts of how we think people will know and learn. The nature of the students and our issues. By emotional I am referring to the way in which we and our students feel to teach us and we learn from what they feel... promoting the exchange between us. By spiritual, I am referring to the ways in which we respond to the longing of the heart to connect us with the greatness of the life, major desire that encourages us to continue working with love and courage... In this sector called... teaching.

You have already guessed you the third front: is the neuroplasticity of our mind.


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By • 25 Oct, 2013 • section: General