Ximena Gutiérrez in the Congress of Yoga of the Costa del Sol

The international Professor Ximena Gutiérrez conducted two workshops at the 7th Edition of the Congress of Yoga of the Costa del Sol. She has responded to some questions of Yoga network.


Ximena discovered yoga in 1994. Then he presented the television programme Good day Nicaragua. One day he met a Mexican Yogi who was passing through his country... and became his first teacher. She started practicing daily in 2001, to rehabilitate his knee from surgery. "In the fall of 2001, while you are skating at a reckless speed, I crashed against a parked vehicle. The last thing I remember, seconds before the accident, is to have thought: ' this does ' "."

As soon as he could walk without crutches he sought rehabilitation to regain muscle mass and enrolled in a gymnasium in the city of Washington, where he taught yoga Susan Meyer, a teacher originally from Minneapolis who turned out to be "the most generous being that I found on my way". In practice, Ximena not only regained the strength, but he began to experience an energy and a feeling of joy that had never before felt.

In 2006, Ximena completed its first certification of yoga teacher at the Centre International Vedanta of Sivananda Yoga in Bahamas. In 2007, in New York, became a certified teacher method Jivamukti, style of yoga globally recognized centers in New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Berlin and Munich.

For many years Ximena combined his life as communications consultant at the World Bank with the teaching of yoga, until coinciding with their pregnancy, Ximena decided to devote all his time to share the wisdom of yoga. In June 2010, he obtained the master of prenatal yoga method Khalsa Way, inspired by Kundalini yoga and awarded by the Los Angeles Golden Bridge yoga Center.

Ximena now lives with his family in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Feels extremely grateful of his teachers: Gurmuk Kaur Khalsa, Susan Mayer, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Jenny Cornero and, of course, that blessed Mexican backpacker.

Todo ello esta profesora nicaragüense lo cuenta en su web, Good Karma.

What is good karma for you?
I am convinced that good karma is not to have no difficulties but to have the mental and spiritual attitude to try to understand what is happening and make the best of the situation. In life everything that happens are teachings and the precious from the path of yoga is that it helps you to see the lessons through the events of everyday life. We are here in the world to be better people and to relate fair and lovingly with everything that surrounds us.

Yoga also helps me to take away my mind and my body and be less subject to the comings and goings of my state of mind. Now after a sustained years practice, me not so much mess, nor do I often miserable life. Rather I have experienced many times the deepest moments of fluency and serenity when for the second I sense that my happiness doesn't cause any outside, that I can not put it in one thing, a race or a person that is within me and that I am solely responsible for my greatest treasure: my peace.

What do you think that it is the "secret" of the success of your workshops and classes?
Secrecy and success are two words that I don't use much, maybe they don't make me feel comfortable. First because I don't want to have secrets and second because I don't want to succeed, and say this heart. What I want is to be able to help me and help others on their way, whether this one or 500. Some people who come regularly to my classes and have now become my companions and friends highly value the fact that I speak from the heart and that I share no compassion whatsoever how the teachings of yoga help me and helped to overcome the moments most difficult of my life, at the same time which has helped me to see and assess the most joyful. Incorporate TFRK in acts as simple as not losing control of my voice when my son gives you a tantrum, or when I feel that someone is committing a great injustice against me and against anyone, is what yoga teaches me.

I also combine yoga with other arts that I'm passionate about music and literature.

Gifts that have done you yoga, what you appreciate more?
It has made me aware that life is a great gift that should not be wasted in trinkets, as it is the opportunity to take a path that makes me grow as a human being.

Would you like to convey with your participation in the Congress of Yoga of the Costa Sol?
That although the road is single, you should not be alone. It is very important to open up to the community, the Sangha refuge. That the road in the company of other search engines and other search engines is much more fun and bright... and that you don't have to take it too seriously. We must find the lightness even taking this huge commitment.

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