Mudras: Garuda mudra

The Garuda Mudra activates blood flow and circulation. It also helps to relieve fatigue.

Garuda Mudra

First you place your hands, right over left, engarzadas by thumbs on the belly. Remains about 10 respiratory movements. Then place on the stomach, and remains there again... Finally place the left hand on the breastbone, flip the hands towards shoulders and opens fingers.

You can go as you need it or 3 times a day for 4 minutes.

Garuda, the King of the birds, the air, enemy of snakes and Mount of Vishnu is an animal full of strength and power. Birds generally have a very sharp sight, a great sense of direction and a huge instinct for survival. And the larger, thanks to its enormous size and strength in the wings, can be carried away by the air.

Equally powerful is the Garuda Mudra and, therefore, must be used wisely dosed. This mudra active irrigation and blood circulation, revitalises bodies and balances the energies of the two halves of the body. Whether in the area of the pelvis or in the chest, it vitalizes and stimulates. It relaxes and softens the pain and disorders of menstruation, discomfort in the stomach and breathing difficulties. If you suffer from hypertension seen with care. It helps also in exhaustion and mood fluctuations.

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By • 14 Aug, 2013 • section: Practice