Mudras: Mudra of back

Mudras are ancestral gestures that employees with wisdom and perseverance, help to cure diseases, calm pain, calm mood and increase our vitality. Practiced along with meditation, support and facilitate the spiritual path of simple, authentic and free of any doctrine.

Mudra back

Right hand: join the thumb, middle finger and the little finger, while the index and ring remain widespread.

Left hand: the phalange of the thumb on the nail of the index.

It is advisable to practice it four times a day for 4 minutes, or if you have acute discomfort, until it produces the desired effect.

This mudra acts above all when someone who is delicate in the back It has forced to do some physical work, like cleaning the House or loading boxes. It is also suitable for those who suffer from painful tensions after an effort or for having been too long sitting in an incorrect position.

Back pain can have various causes. Almost all persons show deviations and wear, but they do not have why to cause pain. Headaches can also produce them any sick organ whose nerve pathways pass through the spine. Continuous mental effort, fears, heavy meals, lack of sleep or poor exercise, also are possible causes of back pain.

This mudra acts best in a posture that download back (lying on the floor, raising the foot to a Chair). Keep your Chin slightly inwards, so that the neck is straight and extended. This small stress acts on the back. In this position, after 20 minutes, the vertebrae have fed optimally, and metabolism is again at full capacity. Practice this exercise during the break of noon at the office and not to suffer pain throughout the day.

Please note that your thoughts influence in a very direct way, so the image and the claim are fundamental in adopting this position.

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By • 10 July, 2013 • section: Practice