Mudras: Bhudi-Mudra

It is important to bear in mind in the case of using mudras for physical healing, which do not make miracles, but that its role is to support the treatment that we are using to heal, making it more effective and the disease to heal more quickly.


With both hands, join the tips of the finger and thumb, while the other fingers are relaxed and extended. We can cross the arms at chest height.

Several breaths or three times a day for 15 minutes will remain so for.

The fluids of the body represent more than half of the weight of the body; in this sense, Bhudi Mudra helps to regain the balance of fluids and keep it. Use it in the case of dry mouth, eyes dry or escocidos, or disorders in the area of the kidneys or bladder. It enhances the sense of taste.

Uva ursi)Arctostaphylos uvaursi L.) cure bladder infections and goldenrod)Solidago virgaurea L.) acts on renal pelvic infections.

Doctors opinions are very mixed in what refers to the amount of fluid that a person must drink. Sure that it is not good to drink a little, but not in excess (even water).

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