Mudras: Vayu mudra

Vayu mudra is known as the mudra of the winds. Helps to soothe any ailment caused by one of them: bloating, tremors and sciatica...


This mudra is performed with both hands. Folded the index so that the tip of your finger touches the base of the thumb and press it gently with your thumb, while the other fingers are kept relaxed and extended.

In the case of chronic pain, it is advisable to practice it three times a day for 15 minutes; If not, until the desired effect.

This position prevents the «wind», i.e. the flatulence and the feeling of fullness throughout the body. Medicine Ayurvedic presupposes that in the organism there are 51 types of wind that can cause a large number of disorders, among other, gout, sciatica, flatulence, rheumatism and tremors in the hands, neck and head. Therefore, if you use the Vayu Mudra within 24 hours following the demonstration of a disorder or a disease caused by the wind, you'll get a quick cure. In the case of chronic disorders, also practiced the Pran Mudra. When the illness goes away, stop practicing the Vayu Mudra.

The origin of an excess of wind in the body can come from internal escorificaciones, above all in the intestine, or internal tensions which in turn have been caused by States of irritation. Often also the normal respiratory rate of the person is altered.

Like reinforcement practices the following exercise: get on all fours (postures cat/cow); inspires and lifts his head; exhale and lower, while you get the abdomen. During the breathing pause, contract and relax the abdomen several times. Then, deeply inspire and lift up their heads again. Repeat several times.

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