Yoga and Ibiza tour in Kayak

Ibiza Kayak is an adventure company dedicated to surround the island of Ibiza by sea kayak. The guides are passionate about nature and sport. Yoga for the morning, when you wake up in the coves, and much much sea. So we have this project that intend you to discover.


Travel distances at sea is always a beautiful trip. If you also do your media and in small groups, it becomes a unique experience. The Ibizan coast offers spectacular views, isolated coves, fauna, flora, contact with nature, etc.

Mainly we circled the island of Ibiza in a week, but we also do tours of one or several days, outputs to islets (Es Vedra, Sa Conillera, Tagomago, Illa d'es Bosc, etc.), etc.

Knowing the Ibizan coast kayak is a unique experience. You go into inexplicable otherwise corners, while you exercise your physical and get moreno/a in nature. The idea of the clubs and the noise on this island disappears while in the kayak. Would like to know this part of Ibiza, so famous and so, so beautiful.

What you offer

  • Initiation to Kayak: The Ibiza tour in Kayak is designed for people who don't have to have experience in canoe or kayak. Yes they have to be physically healthy people. Included in the price of sea kayaking basics: avoid tipping, balance, stability, propulsion, driving, traced in the event of overturning, etc. The goal is to lose their fear and enjoy the sport.
  • Insurance and security: life jackets, kayak with floating, whistles, boat support, first aid kit, technician in canoeing and lifeguard. aquatic.
  • Included material: self-bailing kayak, paddle, vest lifesaving, whistle, waterproof bag (dry clothes), waterproof boat (value objects).
  • Food: includes breakfast and dinner. It's a simple, healthy and good menu for athletes.
  • Accommodation: sleep in the coves with sleeping bag and mat. In no event tents, will be mounted as they are prohibited.
  • Practicable activities Apart from the kayak, during these turns or excursions. You can swim (at sections), running (in some coves), climbing (in caves with fall to the sea), diving (with glasses and pipe, stops will be made during the voyage to this end), yoga (in the coves to the awakening), tango (always you can dance in the sand...) -

All services are included in the price: accident insurance, rental kayak, guide, lifeguard, material, half of the food, water, notions of initiation into canoeing, boat support, etc.

Prices: €55 per person per day. The return to full Ibiza (7 days and 6 nights) departs for €370. Three-day excursion out of €170

More information and reservations:

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By • 17 May, 2013 • section: Leisure, Travel