How to advertise on Yoga network

Do you have a festival, a course, a concert, a workshop, a withdrawal that would like to advertise to attract more attendees? Yoga network It is the natural space in which to do so. Events are announced here achieve their goals of participation or assistance. Would you like to try it? Write to us at and inform you.

logoYoga270x80The success of Yoga network as a means of communication (that believe evidence the full dedication of those we do), has made many people ask us where we get our income. And always respond the truth: advertising. Being a free magazine, free subscription payment, grants, or donations, we rely on that magazine so much like readers advertisers want them economically be here communicating your offers.

The latest data confirm that this magazine is gaining traffic online: we're close to the 40,000 page views this month, and the average visitors per day has risen to 700, with peaks of more than more than a thousand people who open the magazine to the day. So, is no surprise to advertise on these pages make a smart decision for those who want to publicize their professional services.

Recently an advertiser told us that his workshop had covered its seats in less than a week. Another, that of 12 attendees at his retirement, 5 had learned by Yoga network. These news fill us with joy because we confirm that this service we offer works. But it is not our merit, but the quality and variety of the Professional offer of yoga in this country that really care about the readers, practitioners and those interested in personal growth. Yoga network It only aims to disclose those services with greater honesty possible.

Thanks to all who make it possible: readers, practitioners, partners, teachers, advertisers...!

6 reasons to advertise

The advertiser that relies on Yoga online Yoga network It supports him at all times, making mutual trust and support. But we're going to give 6 more reasons to advertise on these pages, if you're interested:

  1. Yoga network It is a specialized means: communicates messages on yoga, consciousness and healthy people more interested in this.
  2. It is a plural and independent of any institution, school, style, ideology and religion. As a means of communication, it is made by journalists and experts in yoga and mindfulness, and your information is at the service of health, transformation and hope in a world best.
  3. As an advertising medium, it arrives every day directly to a profile of people who want to Learn and improve the techniques and tools of yoga, meditation, the minfulness and personal development.
  4. The online publication makes it possible the upgrade and renewal of content at the appropriate time limits for readers and advertisers. The information focuses on the individuals in the proper place and time.
  5. On the contrary that a magazine on paper, an online media can provide objective and verifiable data to measure their dissemination and their visits.
  6. Yoga network It was revealed as the online magazine of yoga that receives more visits per day, and sends two weekly newsletters that reach 4,000 emails, number that is growing every day.
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