Asanas: Suryanamaskar, greeting to the Sun / part 2

The greeting to the Sun, divided into three series of stances. Today, the second series it are dedicated to the following three positions of Suryanamaskar: Ashwa Sanchalanasana, Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana and Ashtanganamaskara. We follow in part the text of the book keys of Yoga, Danilo Hernández. Run: Raúl Torres, Professor of the international school of Yoga. Photos: Thor Castro.

Greet the Sun stream

Position No. 4: Ashwa Sanchalanasana, equestrian position
Inspiring, bend the left knee and right leg extends as far back as possible, posing on the floor knee and the toes.

The left plant is fully seated on the ground (to avoid lifting the heel) and the left knee lies roughly on the top of the left foot. The hands are at the same height as the left foot. It extends across the spinal column. Chest sticks out forward and face looks to the front or upwards, but are breaking the cervical area.

Position No. 5: Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana, position the plane tilted or table
Venting air, take your left foot back and footrest the toes of both feet on the ground. The arms are stretched with your shoulders aligned with the dolls. It activates the biceps bringing the arms together. The hands are active, the separated fingers and wrists crease horizontally in line with the mat. Support you well in the pads of the fingers and knuckles and remove weight from the dolls.

Lengthens the sides, raise the head of the humerus, shoulder blades together. Now widens the clavicles and separate shoulders sideways. Keep are actions in the arms and shoulders.

Extend yourself from the pelvis toward the feet and the head at the same time, extending more and more the posture with every breath. Keep your whole body an inclined, from Crown to toe online. Don't drop your hips or not to raise them.

Position No. 6: Ashtanganamaskara, greeting with eight members
Holding the breath with lungs empty, descends to the ground supporting first fingers d elos feet and then on the knees, chest and Chin.

The hands are at shoulder height. In the final position the body is fastened over the tips of toes, knees, chest, hands and Chin. THE pelvis is raised and slightly arched spine.

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By • 16 Apr, 2013 • section: Asanas