Asanas: Suryanamaskar, greeting to the Sun / part 1

The greeting to the Sun, divided into three series of stances. Today, the first part it are dedicated to the three first positions of Suryanamaskar: Pranamasana, up to Uttanasana and Padahastasana. We follow the text of the book Keys of Yoga, Danilo Hernandez. Run: Raúl Torres, Professor of the international school of Yoga. Photos: Thor Castro.

Greeting to the Sun

Position No. 1: Pranamasana, posture of prayer.
Position yourself standing with feet together and upright body, forming a line straight. The palms of your hands together at chest height, with thumbs on contact with the breastbone. The strong legs and slightly tight buttocks. The pelvis in place, neither forward nor backward. Lengthens the spine upwards.

Lifts and expands the chest. Lengthens the back of the neck. Keep your horizontal head. Now breathing out deeply.

Position No. 2: up to Uttanasana, posture of the arms elevateds.
Inspiring, it extends his arms forward and then up, raising the chest to the maximum. Continues to expand you back, raising the chest to the maximum. Continue extending you back, emphasizing the arch in the upper area of the back and minimizing it in the lumbar area.

During movement keep active thighs, tight buttocks and carries the pelvis forward. Avoid breaking the cervical or lumbar spine areas. You can accompany this physical movement with a psychological gesture of openness to life.

Position No. 3: Padahastanasana, posture of bending forward.
From the previous position, venting air, returns with outstretched arms to the vertical position, then flexing the trunk forward bending you by the hips (coxo-femoral articulation). During the descent, keep the arms and trunk forming a straight line, without rounded back, until you reach the ground with his hands, placing them firmly next to the feet, with the fingers pointing forward.

It brings everything you can face to the legs and trunk. They stop to facilitate the descent, during the movement collapses the dorsal muscles and tilt the pelvis forward. If you have little flexibility, bend knees slightly during the descent and in final position. You can join this movement with a psychological gesture of internalization or retraction about yourself.

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