Interview with Enric Boada: "transcendent simply assume that this not be allowed to continue"

Enric Boada is a being awake, rebellious, unclassifiable even at a time, a culture and an age. No can ascribe you to yoga, zen, anti-system movements, ecologists or new consciousness. Everything integrates it in his vision of the world because everything has interested you and almost everything has lived in his long exist.

Enric Boada

His logic when assessing the reality we live in is so overwhelming that it is radically revolutionary. Years that he felt the need to write that we are reaching the limits of growth, and that if we do not stop this way of life voluntarily, we will stop the nature.

His book finally saw the light in 1997. It is called Die whenever a party: contramanifiesto for the third Millennium (Icaria). In the analysed how evolved the human species and the challenges and limits of this evolution in a finite space in which we intend to continue to live as if it were infinite. He has not returned to write another book, but if it did today it would, logically, be even more radical, since the situation has not done more than keep getting worse.

However, the vitality of Enric Boada continues overflowing. Now in its eighth Decade of life, still fully active giving classes of yoga and meditation with a fireproof enthusiasm.

How did yoga in your life? Enric tells us that with 12 years, on a sunny morning at the College of the Jesuits, someone read the Gospel and had a flash: "This has nothing to do with what I teach here, with what I teach at home". Then discovered yoga while in first of right, with 17 years, through a book in English of Swami Vishnudevananda, at a time when yoga was not known just and very few spoke English. That would open new interiors... "Then appeared by the faculty, an Italian who had the" Bhagavad gita, the Tao Te Ching, the sermons of Buddha... And I me them read all in Italian, with the help of a dictionary".

But "scruffy" environment (adjective that comes to the mouth lately in yoga classes, and don't know why) at that time, in the Franco regime, became it unbearable - everything was forbidden, it was sin - and left Spain. He later had to return to the military as a pilot's war in Tetuan, and there began to study Arabic. It then continued in Lebanon and did not return to Spain until about age 30, after living in Syria, Jordan and Israel, a scan "by line Christian and Islamic" that had led him also to pilgrimage by the Algerian Sahara with followers of Charles de Foucauld.

After Paris and Madrid in clandestine struggle against Franco. And of leftist militancy to work ten years as Director of an international entity, which led him to live in Australia and New Zealand and to know India and Thailand.

One day came a "brilliant love" and intensive practices of that love coupled with lack of exercise, collapsed you two lumbar vertebrae. One month fixed assets during which he discovered zen and returned to active yoga. "The two weeks was doing Sirsanana", position that would continue to do every day of his life to decompress the vertebrae. "I was lucky (because I am not great willpower to the effort) of that if it didn't do yoga every day, hurt me everything".

I was very influenced by radical Marxism when he started to travel to India, to Thailand, to follow Taisen Deshimaru in retreats, to introduce more and more zen. These developments led him to leave the company and empezaz to teach yoga, studying Buddhism to zen meditation here and there... One day Jaume Chalamanch, who was President of the AEPY from 1992 to 1995, offered him to teach at its Center.

Do you like to give yoga classes today?
I have always called, like last year that a psychoanalyst that I had had as a student in class of yoga into the 80's, I found down the street and offered me to teach their own psychoanalysts students. It is people who take it seriously. Two-hour sessions. I give lessons for a few months. But the way in which yoga is taught today is something a bit limited... I am more interested in what can be done at the present time. For something I wrote my book. The change that needs to be done is brutal... Because that believes people that will restore his salary and his work as before, I think that it is over. And if not just this time, it will be in the next crisis...

What do you mean?
I think that yoga is so influenced by Indian culture... Saying it's unorthodox form, it seems that everything has to leave the nose of Brahma, which is always the case and you need to accept it all. And many teach yoga as well, in a way a much conformist, or as to protect... We are charging us on planet at incredible speeds. Have you noticed that talking about controlling the growth of the population is a taboo? Of climate change all over the world can say, but no. I when I was born there were about 1,100 million people in the world, and we are now more than 7,000 million. This is total madness. Somehow you have to stop that growth during x time...

Now us is spending the Germans with Hitler: people preferred to look away. We are equal; We know how we are destroying the planet, we know that it is torture, are left to die of hunger people... Knowing all this, what is happening and where leads us if we do not avoid it, is only thing transcendent (or God, Ala, the cosmos, or heaven), the only thing that would lead us to think and act. I can not stand the roll that samadhi is not to think. You will become Catatonic, isn't it?

I don't know how they hold the therapists and the psychoanalyst what I call "hamster mind": these people that can destroy life to base to round and round to the same thing, that if the mother did this, and the other did you that... I less that I would only draw a route that one wrong can do in yoga, meditation, relaxation... Buddha to preach before thought it was much, because he believed that they would not understand anything, as indeed they did not understand much. And the same happened with the Gospels.

We run away from uncomfortable truths
Insofar as it proposes something different, although it is obvious and everyone can be aware of this, it is said that that is utopian. The greater utopia is that is underlying in the system that we have: that this way of life is sustainable. Think of all India and throughout China with the way of life of United States: you will not be able nor circular, around the world with his car, with his yacht, making trips, a tremendous waste. Is not an unattainable utopia that that everyone has a car and secondary residence?

I insist that what transcendent can cause around the world merge and put in question all your roll religious, economic, political, is that this not be allowed to continue. The German philosopher Sloterdijk explains it very well in his latest book: You have to change your life. About antropotecnica (Editorial pre-Textos, 2012).

And you think that you can do, where to start?
The first thing, that many millions of people will realize, have minimal knowledge (which is possible, with the media that there is) that that we are doing will not operate, is impossible.

To me all the ideas in the book suddenly came me as a revelation that I myself did not understand. By that time, he slept on the floor, and to 4 o'clock in the morning unveiled me inspiration, wrote ideas on a sheet of paper. But now he entitled it otherwise: Morons for ever? A therapist friend says that she would remove the questions. I'm not as pessimistic, I think we could do something...

What are you thinking?
There is a current of spirituality, both in the field of yoga and in certain religions, which speaks of something that find me very interesting: continue the evolution. If one regards the history of life on Earth sees there as an impulse of evolution. Traditional wisdom, such as yoga or zen, serve this evolution, but now people use them only to improve back or sleep better.

I'm natural impatient. I've always had nostalgia for the future, never ever had any last time longing. I would love this to move, that he transformed into a Livable World. So we have to assume that you are the wife and I the man, without take refuge in another, or in the past, without complaining, or justify yourself, nor hide behind you that false humility that you are so insignificant that you can't change the world... These are all monsergas. If you can not fix the world, who will to do?, do people still not born?, who are already buried?

You, what you feel you need to do, do it. Now may be the time. It is said that 500 years before our era there was a beginning of change in the human mind, with Buddha, Lao Tsé (or whoever the author of) Tao Te Ching), the prophets of the Bible, the pre-Socratic philosophers... All more or less converged in that you have to take life individually. Before mentality was group, was suddenly transformed into something and say: I am that I look the world and he has to take it.

Take it and evaluate the result of our actions...
Now we are in a moment in which we see that does not work what have given birth and on the other hand we know everything, from what they say shamans to how become an irrigated desert. What do we do with all this? Keep tagging it in crates (politics, sociology, economy...)? Divide and conquer: is what makes this system to continue. Up to can be published all at once: on the cover, the call to keep the automobile industry; and two pages beyond, the advance of pollution and the greenhouse effect. And as it does not give you time or swallow this...

Another factor giving a different view of humanity (and that also mentions Sloterdijk) is the metaphor of the immune system, which I like because you don't have to talk about good and evil. The individual's immune system is very strong in its function of defending life. Then comes another immune system which is the family. Then the tribe, the group, which rejects what he wants to penetrate from outside. Then comes the nation, Europe, with its many immune systems. And we have not reached the moment of evolution which create an immune system for all humanity. What advantage does this idea? So you exist need your immune system, but also survive you are required other protective systems from the threats that come from outside. Thinking in these terms helps you to understand the complexity, be less simplistic and Manichean, and not lose sight that you are part of the system and must assume it.

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