Yogaterapia for constipation

Chronic constipation is one of the most common health problems in today's society. Around 12% of the world's population have this disorder. Some countries recorded even a third of its population with problems of this type.


It's a problem in the lower part of the digestive tract that is characterized by difficulty in excreting. The texts of Ayurveda refer to this problem as a symptomatology of the imbalance of the Manipura Chakra. It is also known that any type of disorder in the digestive tract has to do with a bad digestion emotional. As, i is says that the apparatus digestive is the brain emotional of the person and that certain emotions or imbalances emotional can cause constipation by the difficulty of release is of them.

In the majority of cases is caused by an irregular shape of life which does not allow the times that requires the body to work properly and by the insufficient intake of healthy foods full of fiber. If you take a unhealthy food with a tendency to stay glued to the walls of the intestine, it is not allowing his expulsion from the body. But also if it moves not only during the day and not put into operation his body, happens the intestines to lose movement (Peristaltic) and thus the content is inside. Even when the body still digesting the food it great most of them times, the problem resides in the difficulty for defecate them toxins or remains of the digestion. The causes may be various, s but mainly we can accuse of constipation to the following circumstances:

  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Insufficient intake of water which makes the intestine to dry.
  • Fast food.
  • Deficit of fiber in the diet.
  • Stress.
  • Stress emotional.
  • Scarce Peristaltic movement.

Inability to dispose of the body generates heaviness, sluggishness, lack of appetite, body pain, headache, drowsiness, lack of energy, irritability, heartburn. It can even cause fever in long constipations, infection in the blood, pimples and beads, swollen legs, etc.

The most effective treatment according to the Yogaterapia combines:

Water: The first way to treat constipation is across the water. If feces are dry or the intestine walls keep dry food scraps, use holy water to all the clean and purified in its path. The intake of water warm with lemon and honey by it tomorrow in fasting press them intestines at the same time that them nourishes and revitalizes.

Lavage of stomach: On an empty stomach first thing in the morning, prepare 1 litre or 1.5 litres of warm water with salt. While squatting, knees pressing the lower part of the belly, drink this water without stopping. As soon as you've finished it, get up, leans the body forward over the toilet, enter index fingers and heart in the throat and stimulates vomiting. Cleans the stomach leaving that all the water out and with it the remains of food in the stomach. Try to not leave nothing of water salt in the interior. The next thing you will take is water with lemon or a digestive infusion. Try not to dinner the previous day or do a copious dinner make this practice the next morning. Do it once a week: you stimulate the Peristaltic movement of the body and purificarás blood.


  • The greeting to the Sun regulates and revitalizes the overall functioning of the body. It is a good practice to increase the vital energy of the body and with it the digestive fire that will help us to expel excess toxins.
  • Run dynamically Shashank - bhujangasana.
  • They are also beneficial Ustrasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Halasana Chakrasana and all those upside-down postures like Dhanurasana or Shalabasana. Sarvangasana or Sirshasana are also beneficial
  • Vajrasana, can carry the vital energy that flows in the lower part of the body into the gastrointestinal tract. Is especially beneficial after a meal.

Breathing (Pranayamas): When is has constipation usually give is an imbalance in the temperature of the body that usually is translated with an excess of fire. Retention of toxins increases the body heat that tries to expel them. Sheetali should be practiced to fight this fire.

Meditation to calm the stress and bring serenity to the person: the more appropriate perhaps is Nidra Yoga, that is which generates an effect therapeutic more immediate. But any degree or style of meditation is always valid if this person started in the field of meditation.

But we insist that for the treatment of constipation nothing better that water and exercise. In many cases, not only constipation is due to bad habits of life but also to certain emotional States. It therapist of Yoga should be capable of identifying the problem and develop a sequence of practices custom for your treatment.

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