Asanas: Virabhadrasana II

We follow the section of Asanas Virabhadrasana II Warrior II. This time we follow the text of the book Yoga Iyengar, B.K.S. Iyengar. Run: Maria Ovando, Professor of the international school of Yoga. Photos: Thor Castro.

Virabhadrasana II

The word Virabhadra means: vira= Warrior, bhadra = name of the warrior from the hindu mythology. Bhadra was a legendary warrior whose story narrates the famous Sanskrit dramatist Kalidasa in the epic Kumarasambhava.

Regular practice of this asana help to develop strength and endurance. Steps exercise vigorously extremities and the trunk, reducing the stiffness in the neck and shoulders. It also makes more flexible joints of the knees and hips.

  1. It adopts Tadasana and deeply inspired. Jumps, landing with feet apart each other approx 1.2 m. The toes should be driven forward. It elevates laterally extended arms aligned with shoulders. Palms should be turns toward the ground and alienated each other. Keep straight and extended the fingers of the hands. Get pressure against the ground with the fifth toe of each foot. Consciously pull internal hips to the waist.
  2. Breathing out slowly and rotated clockwise 90 ° right leg. Turn your left foot placing it slightly to the right. Make sure that the weight falls on the right heel and not on the toes. Keep left extended and taut loses it at the knee. To avoid this leg to slide, make sure that weight falls on the last two toes. Note: focus on properly turn out right thigh. Thigh should be turned at the same time (and to the same extent) to the right foot.
  3. Venting air bending the right knee. Make sure that the right thigh is parallel to the ground. Keep Shin perpendicular to the ground, aligned with the right heel. Strip muscles of the right lower leg upward, turn head to the right, stretching the arches Plantar and the toes of both feet: keep the position for 30 seconds, breathing rhythmically.

Pay attention

It expands the chest.

The right knee must be placed in the vertical of the right heel.

Tightens the muscles of the thighs.

Click the right heel on the ground.

Stretch the arms from the shoulders as if they pulled them.


To expand the chest, respiratory capacity improved.

It helps in the treatment of the discal.

It relieves the tailbone in cases of fracture, spinal fusion and deviation. Reduce fat around the hips.

It relieves the pain of back of the lumbosacral region.

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