Beginners: Five more pronounced phrases in your first class

You've decided. You'll finally debuting as a Yoga practitioner. Some excitement and a bit of miedito you invade when plants them feet on the mat. The experience of the first class is a test for the body and mind. Writes Victor Medina.


The teacher starts to give instructions. While trying to follow the class, your inner dialogue tries to make sense of the feelings that you feel. With messages similar to the following:

"I smothered, I do not get air!"
Take it easy. Yoga is, among other things, a physical practice linked to the breath. What you're doing is learning to breathe and to adapt the rhythm of inhalations and exhalations. And it costs.

"I do not hear anything of what the Professor"
Professor weaves instructions while you're still wondering where have the right hand. Your body (and by addition, the mind) going to integrate with the practice the actions that you take to make a u another asana.

"Don't know that had a muscle there"
Seems to lie so little that we know our body. But the Yoga and their positions "raritas" will make that intimate until with the nail of the finger small of the foot left.

"In the life I am going to do what makes this of here to the side", or "am made a stick"
Few humans have the genetics of a contortionist. It is normal, for example, do not you get to touch the ground with your hands to lean forward from the position of the foot. Rejoice: are on the way to become more flexible. Do not compare yourself or judge you.

"Oh, what me giving me the llorera?"
The energy of the Yoga also is removes the emotions. Sometimes, without prior notice or reason, you can rob a feeling intense, desire of laugh or of release tears. Unleash the momentum, open your heart and express yourself.

Victor Medina is Professor of Yoga and journalist.

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