Interview with Ravi Ramoneda: "God is to be fully alive, being what one is"

This young bhakti Yogi was born and lived his early childhood in a Yoga community, at 900 meters altitude, in Catalonia. Father swami and mother Professor of Yoga and eternal seeker, it is not strange that feel very early communication with the divine.

Ravi Ramoneda

"Every day is singing mantras, so I child breathed Bhakti; It was my natural state. My parents studied Yoga from a more scientific point of view, discipline, commitment and knowledge. But I met him. I found the experience of devotion, the opportunity to find you so close to God that you feel one with him, as a divine gift in its pure State".

Later Ravi moved to live in the city, his parents separated and was doomed to choose his own path, his own search. At 22 years old, he went to the India. "I went to look for lighting, the most normal thing at that age, right? And obviously what I found; "it was a mirror that told me: wherever you go, you'll have the same job". There he met their gurus, called Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Padmavati Amma. Ravi, which then made African percussion, was going to kind of table and bought a harmonium. His experience in India revealed the sense of all that. "It was looked for God in all my small acts."

One day, now back in Barcelona, in a meeting with Amma mutitudinario, the "hugging mother", Ravi took the stage, along with other musician friends, before thousands of people, and there came the music, voice and your destination.

"The truth is that it was impressive; those moments are beyond what you may want. I think that in life we can do a lot, but really do not know what will be our destiny until we are already in it. And it seems that mine is music and wake up people through it, because it opens their hearts to mine opens."

Ravi also began to sing and to realize that his voice made him feel so accomplished and so close to the divinity that contagious to who surrounded him that closeness and that spirituality, because he came with her to the heart of people. "Music is one of the great gifts of life."

Another vocation of Ravi is the healer. He studied traditional Chinese medicine for six years with ISMET, Shiatsu, osteopathy craniosacral and innumerable healing techniques that led to a deeper understanding of the human being in all its fields.

In 2006 his way confluyó with the Núria Aguiar, who would later be his wife, and Pedro necklaces, with those who would form the Group of Kirtan, devotional music and singing of mantras (vocals, guitar, Indian tables, hang...) Onenessound, that he would act in numerous centers of Yoga and meditation, festivals of new consciousness and spiritual teachers as Amma, Kali Bhagavan or Anandaguiri, and that quickly would be very known also internationally.

What happened to Onenessound?
In Onenessound, there was a very clear intention of contributing to the awakening of consciousness. And from the beginning he had a lot of projection and success. Now, after a few years, has there been internal changes, but we have new album that is about to come out. Well, two discs in reality. One is a straightforward thing to see if it is salvageable, because it was recorded at the biennial of Banyoles that preceded the Barcelona Yoga Conference, and had a spectacular power. The other is an album that we recorded in Studio and missing postproducirlo, but we know that all this is time, money. I hope that when you leave it is excellent work, at the height of the first.

And in recent years, you start to play solo.
Yes, with the Kirtan I have continued to work always in the group but also in solitary. Less than a year ago, I took out disc: One step to devotionthat I put in New York, an invitation to the experience of the Bhakti which I have tried to make it work with the proper depth and to also call attention. There are very good soloists, very inspired instrumental moments. It is a music that can please everyone, those who already know it because it is a joy, and which do not, as a way to impregnate with its vibrations. And a year earlier got Hang's dreamAfter having been playing with one of the first hanguistas of the world, Ravid Goldschmidt, He learned the basis for development of this instrument.

On the other hand, some four years I've done these concerts of music healing or meditation, playing tables, didgeridoo, hang, singing harmonics with various artists. I have recently been working with Mark Pulido, who has reedescubierto the bilas or high frequency campaigns, coming to understand with the hang. Uniting energies always makes things grow. I love experimenting with musicians who speak different languages, who play with different sounds, but with maximum depth and honesty.

You're currently doing some workshops which are called voice and soul.
Yes, with them express that through the voice we can connect with the soul. But it is the soul that requires our attention at this time; voice opens the door, as other tools that I use. I want people to have an experience, a real experience, being in contact with the divinity, of a more human and more innocent way, without expectations, without trying anything; simply leaving that energy to wake up and leaving that doors and barriers that are closed open.

What is the most important of the Kirtan?
The attitude, realize that if you want, in an instant and easy way, you can have everything. Normally, when you do Kirtan and there are people who don't know him, you see that it's hard to enter at the beginning, and it is because what makes the Kirtan is directly connect you with happiness. And we we resist tremendous happiness, as that what is most crave with all the soul. The adult is recognized as such that doesn't connect with the child. We make thousand courses and things to look for that child and in fact the search is terminated when you note that you're the only holdout so this child can flourish and be live in you. And the Kirtan connects you directly with that child, but obviously from the adult and singing to God, which is probably one of the most powerful things that exist.

You explain it more?
I think that we are looking for God in all our actions, but we do not know, we are not aware of it. We are immersed in a wheel that has no end. The scholars called it the Samsara, also known as Laia, Maia, the illusion. Kirtan comes from your old name, Kirtanam. Nam is the Supreme Truth, God in its purest form. It is a natural process that begins to happen, be singing and praising God, God, who is all, the creator and the creation. in other words, us. Kirtan awaken this consciousness in human beings that we reconnect with the source. That is the most powerful thing.

As bhakti Yogi, do other ways you think there in the everyday life of connecting with the divine source?
Honesty with one's self. When you're angry, you do not want to be happy; You agree that you are angry, deeply lives the anger and you will see that it is healing. And when you're happy, live it, not you repress. When you're sad and you feel only, experiences deeply what is that, you realize you are doing actions towards the outside or internal reasoning to get away from that experience. Be honest with what you are doing at the moment is that more connects us with God. The problem is that we are separated to God as if it were an entity external to us.

How do you define God?
When I speak of God I mean being fully alive, be who you are. A tree is a tree; a cat is a cat. The human being is the only that is trying to constantly be something that he himself is not. And it is because we have the dual mind, fragmented, separated. Singing mantras open-heart, with desire, with passion, that separation, that is an illusion, melts as if it was honey. It is that, without realizing it, you enter into this process.

We are living in a difficult time. What can we do to be better and that does not affect us so much throughout this collective madness in which we are immersed?
Help others. The service makes others to realize that everyone's happiness is happiness of oneself. And I do not say to neglecting one's own. On a plane, they tell you when to save your child first you put the oxygen mask. But there is something that the wise men share, the seva or service disinterested at others. And this has to do with solidarity and the true objective has to take the human being as a society: the happiness of others, you realize that when you smile to others you also you've smiled and your happiness has increased a hundred times. It is the magic of making love, without expecting anything in return. So, suddenly you start to wonder where that love comes and you see realizes that there is something more, and does not need that no one tell you or you to read it in any book. Not even to think about it.

You also do teacher training in Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga. Can you tell us what schools or centers?
One is that of Yoga One, another that of Arjuna, Julián Peragón. Plus two from the International Foundation of Yoga, the Yoga Ashram of Caldas and the other with my father.

Next appointments with Ravi Ramoneda

Kirtan in Yoga with Gracia (Barcelona) and Workshops on voice and soul in Barcelona, Madrid, Lanzarote, Switzerland and Germany. We will inform you.

Ravi will be accompanied musically in his international tour 2013 to Daniel Lumera, creator of Solar consciousness and writer of The code of the light.

Upcoming Onenessoud concerts: Barcelona Yoga Conference and at festivals: Munich, Geneva and Freiburg.

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