The best phrases of Yoga in network/1

We have distilled 20 inspiring phrases of our Yoga network partners, drawn from his interviews and articles. It is the first series of 20 that you will deliver every two months, so you can have them to hand and reelerlas.

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All will be accompanied by the name of who said them, as well as reference to the interview or the name of the article that were published, so you can find the complete work if you want (you know, just put the name of the author or the article in the search box).

"Yoga is a science of transformation and the development of human potential". (Danilo Hernandez-Swami Digambarananda Saraswati, interview)

"In fact Yoga is a spiritual science, which leads us to the balance between matter and spirit". (Sadananda, interview)

"If Yoga would only serve to train the body, for that we would have the Olympic Gymnastics, which is more effective. Yoga is basically ethics". (Ramiro Calle, interview).

"By practicing Yoga and just bend me and push me, I keep bouncing against the world looking for explanations for everything and a total explanation. I simplify! I leave me in peace!". (Robert Rodríguez Nogueira, Antigurina)

"We have inherited a Yoga designed by men for the lighting or the transformation of man. But now there are more women than men in Yoga, and that requires a review, taking place in a natural way". (Mayte Criado, interview).

"Balancing asanas are wires that connect harmoniously the spiritual aspirations with the elemental and daily well-being". (Joaquín. G. Weil, Push the floor, ascend to heaven)

"The practice of meditation is the art of learning to die without having to leave the body, to reach because only dying you can see in all its glory the miracle that is to be alive". (Emilio J. Gómez, A single problem)

"One of the principles of meditation and the spiritual path is that if you're in touch with what you are in truth, you are at peace." (Juan Manzanera, interview)

"One of the strongest of modern education ironies is that we ask the children and students to 'Watch' dozens of times a day, but we never teach them how to do it." (Koncha Pinós-Pey, How to teach mindfulness to children and adolescents)

"The man is a being that he realizes that had a beginning and has an end." That is why we talk, why write and why we think. And that is why we suffer and enjoy". (Ernesto Ballesteros, interview)

"When practice and the practitioner ripen, the fruit is the appearance of a higher level of consciousness that is expressed in a selfless life style." (Danilohernandez-Sw. Digambarananda Saraswati, interview)

"If you are looking for is to live a myth, a guru is essential. If you prefer to live, a guru is neither more nor less, an excellent point of departure to be always thankful." (Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira, Antigurina)

"Swami Sivananda said that the trend that you feel far away is the most one to practice, because it is the vital aspect you have to develop." (Gopala, interview).

"Yoga is for who want to improve as a human being, for those who want to feel good about himself and find meaning in his life." (Sadananda, interview)

"We are as we are because we know we're going to die. "There is everything: the language, the writing, the printing press". (Ernesto Ballesteros, interview)

"There are more ways than Hatha Yoga to develop consciousness: singing, meditation, etc." There are people who have not made a stand in their life and are true Yogis". (Mayte Criado, interview)

"Afford to start over with the innocence of a child is granted a new opportunity in the practice of Yoga and the rest of life." (Emilio J. Gómez, Resdescubrir Yoga)

"The value of Iyengar Yoga may not be its modernity but its transgression. He has invented it is. Or God in it, because it is a yoga divine death and life". (R. Rodríguez Nogueira, Tradition, betrayal, names and men)

"Who achieves well-being and clarity in body and in mind, somehow reflected it in his words, their gestures, their actions or their simple and quiet presence". (Joaquín G. Weil, Yoga as therapy humanitarian).

"If there is no balance between matter and spirit, between inner life and outer life, personality and soul, there is no Yoga." (Sadananda, interview)

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