A lovely comic: Mahabharata. The great war of the clan of the Bharatas

LosPandavasThis is the first part of the greatest epic of all time: The Pandavas. A careful Edition in the Gol artist comic.
Publisher: José J. de Olañeta
Price: €19

The Mahabharata, the great epic of the India, is here presented as comic by artist goal, making it accessible to a variety of audiences. The argument includes the enmity of the Pándavas brothers with their wicked cousins Kauravas, in a series of exciting events that would culminate in a great war that changed the history of the India.

Combining extraordinary and refined images, which recreated the ancient world of the India, with fascinating adventures, the Mahabharata It presents all kinds of actions, passions and human feelings, thereby acquiring a universal character. See review on the blog of Yoga room Malaga.

Álvaro Enterría, bookseller and publisher of Veranasi, an expert of the India, spirituality and traditions has written this note:

"The first part)The Pandavas) was published in December 2011. The second part)Draupadi) is already finished. It has been even better if it is worth than the first. This part is where 'the tragedy happening'. Draupadi is the common spouse of the five Pandavas, a very important part of the plot... The artist goal has already begun to draw the third and last part)The battle of Kurukshetra), which begins with the Bhagavad Gita".

But so can edit that second part and third, are needed to sell more copies of the first.

Way-"continues Alvaro - that This is an appeal to those who have interest in this type of books on Indian themes. I know that many of you have already bought the first part of the comic, and that you are eagerly awaiting the second. Ah, but thanks to my powers yogic know of others that you have not yet bought it! What are you waiting for? It is a good Christmas gift for kids and adults".

Recommended Alvaro that they take charge in your usual Bookstore saying that the editor is Olañeta, and quoting The Pandavain case that not listed them on the computer... It can also be purchased online.

"In any case - he adds Álvaro Enterría, both to those who have bought it as those who do not, I ask that you promoted it a little within your possibilities." If we do that there is another small wave of sales this Christmas, the second volume will soon, probably in the spring of 2013, and finally the third, which will complete this great enterprise of posting the great epic of the India to a comic that is accessible to the public. Many thanks to all".

You know, a beautiful Christmas gift: Mahabharata. The great war of the clan of the Bharatas. The Pandavas. Publishing Olañeta.

And if you want to make another gift: The mystery of the goddess Tripura. Tripura rahasya. Translated from the Sanskrit by Jesús Aguado and Jesús Ugaz. Olañeta and indicates Books. Another jewel for your library.

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