Interview with Godfrey Devereux: "Only I am interested in the intelligence of the body and how to promote it"

The core of dynamic Yoga is to learn to feel more deeply and to be more clearly understood without speculation. This we spoke with the founder of this method.

Godfrey Devereux and JL heads

Dynamic Yoga is interested in the intelligence of the body and how to promote it. Thus explains it its founder, Godfrey Devereux (with the director of the vocational training, José Luis Cabezas translations): "don't teach traditions, philosophy, or Hindu religious beliefs. Not interested in turning Yoga into a religion. We don't waste time and money in treating psychological concepts. We teach action, generation of experiences that can be understood by the students without any ideological or religious dogma. We are interested in the experiences that can be understood from the intelligence of the human body".

"Yoga does not require assumptions or beliefs, just honesty." Look in the eyes and ask yourself if what you see is true. "The clarity should be your sole authority."

"Dynamic yoga is based on the way in which work the body and the mind. And all what we do, it do for the benefit of the body and the mind, of the students. We help people to feel the intimacy of their bodies, their minds, their Joie de vivre; to be more aware without making speculations, but by the recognition of the nature of the body through direct experience, without dogmas or beliefs."

"We do, for example Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) to nourish the body, mind, even the spirit, but devoid of meaning Mystic".

"Dynamic Yoga practices are designed to clarify the nature of the body, through direct experience, which leads to clarify the nature of the mind. It is a training to achieve intimacy with oneself and understand enough to teach others to understand".

What are the points between dynamic Yoga and Hatha Yoga and what that distance him?
When I use the word Hatha Yoga, I refer to the level associated with the effort, so any practical postural Yoga is my Hatha Yoga, although I know that there are people who say that doesn't teach Hatha but Ashtanga Yoga or Iyengar Yoga. But Hatha Yoga is the yoga of the effort.

Dynamic Yoga is entirely based on the action, and the action is an expression of effort. Dynamic Yoga is based on integrating and refining action, which implies to integrate and refine the effort. You could say that not the end but the means is to achieve intimacy with oneself, with effort or without effort, in which all cases are resolved.

What called intelligence of the body?
That my brain stem is doing just now, among many other things: analyze the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in my blood, on the basis of which is sending an order to my diaphragm with the number of fibers having to shrink and degree of effort they have to do to access the oxygen I need. That is expression of the intelligence of the body.

Another expression of the intelligence of the body more dynamic Yoga practice-related is when you're walking and for some reason you lose a little balance, but you do not fall. That happens thanks to the intelligence of the body, because your mind has no time to tell you what to do, but your body knows what to do to take care of yourself. So dynamic Yoga is based on that understanding: the body knows how to care for and the mind has to address how to help the body.

Do mind hinders the body frequently?
Yes, it is imposed, you bullying.

The intelligence of the body, consciousness, are an evolutionary origin? How do you understand this issue?
Intelligence is simply. Your question is being asked by the intelligence of the mind, which is an extension and expression of the intelligence of the body. To ask that question, you need a brain cortex; without it there is no concept of intelligence. But long before that had a cerebral cortex had intelligence.

So the intelligence of the mind is an expression of the intelligence of the body, and the intelligence of the body is an expression of intelligence of consciousness. And none of the two, or intelligence of the body or consciousness, sense of time. The time only makes sense for the intelligence of the mind. The origins, early and late, are all concepts created by the intelligence of the mind.

What is the maximum contribution of dynamic Yoga to the people who practice it?
Confidence. Rely on the body, trust the mind, rely on consciousness. Trust in life.

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