Psychology also advised to meditate

We are becoming more aware that meditation is a benefit to our lives. This practice until recently was reduced, in our Western world, people seeking a space for spirituality, and usually was in places that had a marked philosophy or Eastern religion. They now advise meditation mental health professionals.

As it has been introduced in our society and gradually, we are checking as meditation is a practice that improves the emotional stability, produces welfare, facilitates States of serenity and provides a greater understanding of our inner world.

From the clinical psychology being checked is a technical stabilizer and regulator of the emotional and mental state.

To meditate is to provide self a State of deep relaxation, where the mind ceases to focus on specific thoughts and the racional-mental world, in which we are permanently, becomes inactive.

When we got to stop the thoughts and leave the mind liberated from them, a deep well-being arises in our person, bodily tensions disappear and emerges a State of serenity and peace.

To make this welfare state happens to be more consistent in personal life should be persistent and make this practice a daily habit.

As our mental state is very conditioned to continuous thoughts about future activity, past, to-DOS etc., trying to diminish the intensity of those thoughts, to leave more free mind, appears an opposition which makes it difficult to relaxation and meditation.

With patience and constancy the mental state is accepting silence daily thoughts, to make way for a State of inner peace.

The results of meditation are not immediate, even a more calm state it takes time to go checking how being introduced gradually in a subtle way to the internal and external circumstances that burst into our lives.

Learn how to bring this state of serenity to our everyday life, whatever happens, provides wisdom and a healthy detachment from everything around us, as well as the desire to convey this state of well-being to our around.

Carmen Sánchez, psychologist

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