Shiatsu therapy and awareness

"You're the only one who can do it. No one can do it for you. But if you are lucky enough to find someone who is intensely conscious, if you can be with that person and join her in the State of presence, that will help you and will accelerate things." Eckhart Tolle. The power of the now.

What is Shiatsu? This question is me on many occasions. Shiatsu is a holistic than through pressure therapy (digital, Palm...), stretching and rotations, manages to balance the energy in the human body. It is an ancient technique that came from Japan to Europe. It became at first France from which spread through the rest of the European countries. We have been we Europeans, that we wanted to "Westernize" it to adapt it to our needs. In the same way we do with other many therapies that have come to us from East, form and way that we run the risk of losing its true origins.

Many people believe that Shiatsu is a simple massage. It is normal, since what you see from the outside is that the therapist applies pressure on a number of points through which the patient relaxes (Stilling your muscles, nerves are distended...). So awarded the sole aim, wrong, relaxing Shiatsu. However, if you delve a little more we realize that Shiatsu is not only "press for pressing" certain points, but get to connect with the feeling, pain, excitement, from the patient and from that connection, get to the root of the sickness that the body has become somatizar.

Healing comes from the inside

Localized once this causes, the therapist, massage therapist, will be able to help heal the patient. And say to heal, not to cure, though that we are accustomed to hear that any therapist, is the branch that is, is going to cure of any medical condition. Healing ensues from the outside. However, healing comes from the inside, the activation of the body's own capabilities for auto - heal. So the work of the Shiatsu therapist is to balance the energies of the patient to make his own body which is allowed to heal. This is the true healing: get to the cause, often hidden in the subconscious, the pathology, the medical condition, reason by which the patient came to our practice.

However, there is a prior assumption that has been relegated to oblivion: in order to connect with the feeling, and ultimately with the essence of the patient, the therapist must be, at the same time, in essence. It must be set in its essence permanently; This being the ideal point from which it should start any type of therapy. To maintain that State of lucidity, the therapist must keep awake a self-consciousness active and continuously. This is what will allow you to perform therapy consciously, what, aside from the pathology to be treated, will awaken the consciousness of the patient. Thus, it will connect with possible causes that led to the blocking of the power that once prevented this flowed freely by the body, somatising such lock - in general origin emotional - in the form of pathology or disease.

In this way, established in this axis, the therapist can capture, through a silent observation, all symptoms that could be a clear indicator of what happens in the interior of the patient: hectic, choppy, abdominal or chest, deep or shallow breathing... Are also a source of abundant information face gestures: tense or clenched lips, forced eyelids, eyebrows, etc. There are multiple signals that the body goes to express thanks to a language that goes beyond the words and the shrewd therapist must know to capture. It is more than evident that the valuation of the therapist must be holistic, that is: take into account what is perceived. In addition, if the therapist maintains active awareness and balanced energy, not be dragged by the patient's own experiences, nor will bring the dreaded "bad rolls" or "bad energy" that the patient could bring the query stored in your psyche.

Connection with the breath

To get all these benefits we consider essential, at the same time healer, who own therapist has integrated into its everyday practical exercises that help you for example, awareness, such as yoga and meditation to reach the long-desired balance and, thereby, to achieve an optimum balance of power of the patient and , as a natural, contributing to their subsequent healing result.

How do all this? The basic principle is the connection with the breath. Aware of how respite: restless or serene, nervous or quiet, and then realize how he pressed: fast, slow, nervous... If you really press is correct for the corresponding treatment... To arrive, even feel cold that, at any given time, the patient might experience during the course of therapy and, of course, have awakened the sensitivity needed for, at that same moment, clothe him.

Everything that the therapist experience during therapy is transmitted to the patient. If we are agitated, and we are not aware of it, we contagiaremos our State to the patient. Now well, if we are aware of our State, if we are aware, we will have the opportunity to transform at will, provided previously exist sufficient farming itself inside us. Ability to transmute those internal to will States is the key to authentic healing. Therefore, we consider very important complementary disciplines that help to maintain active and awakens our awareness of being.

Happy therapy!

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