Interview with Sadananda: "Yogi is one who knows surf in the middle of the storm"

What does us yoga in times of crisis? What must search in their practice when all is turmoil to our around? To these and other questions answered one of those teachers more dear of Catalunya: Sadananda.

From very young is felt attracted by the life spirit, and in the yoga found the road that was looking for. He subsequently trained as a yoga teacher and delved into the most important methods. For example, was formed in Ashtanga with B. N. S. Iyengar i Seshadri in Mysore. Finally he met his master Dr. K. P. Kumar (India), which he has learned the deeper aspects of the wisdom of yoga and received the name of Sadananda (always happy).

Founder of Yoga Mandir and drive of the Satyam-yoga, takes 30 years dedicated to the teaching and dissemination of the yoga. Teaches seminars by different cities Spanish and travels to India regularly with groups of students where les teaches to know and perceive the contribution spiritual of those places more sacred.

What is for you the essence of the yoga, how is it conveyed to a profane in the matter?
The yoga is the science that us has to evolve as human beings. It teaches us to inform ourselves, namely to differentiate what we are what we have. Through this knowledge of who we are connecting with our potential and consequently learn to lead and manage our lives, accepting reality, understanding us certain things happen, and learning to live in the present, enjoying every moment.

Do think that you should look for who starts in yoga?
The yoga is for those people that seek a balance in their lives, to level physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual. Therefore is for who want to improve as human beings, for who want to feel is well get same and find a sense to his life.

What does yoga which does not offer other systems of body/mind harmonization?
He yoga brings go more beyond of the body and of the mind, us teaches to reach the flat intuitive and to connect with our true being. At this point happens an important transformation in the practitioner that is embodied in the ability to learn to function in their daily lives.

It also happens that in this transformation "crystals" are cleaned at the mental level, emotional blockages and even improve some diseases of the physical body. Whereupon we experience changes of habits and customs in a natural way, without impositions. The yoga not is restrictive, but through the practice is van giving certain changes in our life, according to our level of experimentation.

Do with what attitude currently living yoga?
He yoga there is that live it from the sincerity, the humility, the honesty, the coherence, it constancy, it determination, with a mind open, from the heart and with a clear vocation of service. And with patience; This is very important, since everything has its time of germination. Whether our evolutionary process, a project or an idea, if we interrupt them through our demand for results, we prevent that this process reaches its flourishing.

In these times difficult, what believed that can bring the yoga?
Serenity, equanimity, know how to react and deep vision. From the connection with our being the reality that surrounds us are perceived from a broader perspective, allowing the practitioner to not fall into negativity, pessimism, or the limited view of things. If the circumstances we hardly exceed we act or react. But if we maintain in balance, Act from the serenity and that us allows be more effective at the time of solve certain adversities. Say that the Yogi / Yogini is that / that that knows navigate in the middle of the storm, and when know take the rudder of our life know go in the address proper.

What I would say to those who think that yoga is a purely physical exercise?
Serious important that those people that practice yoga or want to practice know that the yoga not is limited to a practice of postures physical. In fact, yoga is a spiritual science, which leads us to the balance between matter and spirit.

Science in the sense that everything yoga exposes and proposes can be reached by anyone who practice it. It is not ideas or beliefs, but real and tangible knowledge, and thus the different masters and disciples who have attained mastery demonstrated throughout history.

And spiritual in the sense that yoga teaches us how to connect with our soul, transcending the ego. The literal translation of the word yoga is union, but this union must be carried out in balancing the two aspects that we unite in the same proportion, that is the true meaning of the word yoga. If there is no balance between matter and spirit, between inner life and outer life, personality and soul, there is yoga. When get this "union balanced" experience who are really, experience the true happiness, the true peace and the true love.

For this is essential the practice regular of the meditation, the work with the sound (mantras), the study of the wisdom and put in practice the teachings.

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