Biography of Silence, Brief Essay on Meditation

This book, written by Pablo d'Ors, brings us closer to this practice from the experience of a normal person.
Editorial: Siruela.
Price: $11.95

The play begins with a quote from Simone Weil:

The desire for light produces light.
There is real desire when there is attention effort.
It's really light you want when any other
mobile is absent.
Even if the care efforts were for years
seemingly sterile,
one day, a light exactly proportional to those efforts
it will flood the soul.
Each effort adds a little more gold
to a treasure that nothing in the world can subtract.
Simone Weil

It is enough a year of persevering meditation, or even half, to realize that you can live differently. Meditation concentrates us, brings us home, teaches us to live with our being, cracks the structure of our personality until, from so much meditation, the crack widens and the old personality breaks and, like a flower, a new one begins to be born.

To meditate is to attend this fascinating and tremendous process of death and rebirth. Thanks to meditation the author has been discovering that there is no me and the world, but that world and I are one and only thing.

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