Mindfulness, awakening to life. Five steps to living in the present

A book by Francisco Gázquez.
Publisher: Paidos.
Price: €16

We are immersed in a frantic Vortex which does not allow us to be aware of how our life passes. In the best cases, "we are living"; at worst, we adopt the position of victims face a social and economic system that coils as found in their path.

The time has come to be present in our lives, to wake up.

This book introduces you to the ancient practice of the mindfulness or mindfulness, a practice that applies to all areas of life and whose objective is to bring back hope to decide for ourselves the course of our own lives. Closer look at the possibility of being really happy and make us despite apparent hostility and constant threat present in everyday life.

Francisco Gázquez introduces principles and reflections ancient but currently still enjoying a surprising force and combines them with recent findings from psychology and neuroscience. These principles form a potent cocktail of knowledge and a great source of inspiration that encourage personal growth and development.

The work is divided into five chapters that coincide with the five steps to keep in mind for awakening. For the author, awakening is the process of abandoning the automaticity and individualism in today's life and open a route to personal development and awareness of the limitations and potential inherent to the person. It is ultimately encourage an expansive process of consciousness.

Step 1: Awakening to consciousness

Step 2: Awakening to the inner world

Step 3: Awakening thanking

Step 4: Wake up to the realm of the heart

Step 5: Awakening to the unit

At the end of each chapter are proposed a series of easy-to-incorporate into everyday, practical exercises aimed to exercise care and promote the development of consciousness.

Francisco Gázquez Rodríguez is psychologist and expert in mindfulness therapies. Directs the Institute Compos sui (www.compossui.org), dedicated to promote the well-being of people through research, outreach and training.

His blog: http://respiraentuvida.blogspot.com

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