Prolonged breathing

The Yogis know it from thousands of years ago. Lengthen the exhalation is a very effective practice to calm the mind. We teach you to using your.

Begins this practice sitting with them legs cross in the position easy (Shukasana) to relax the body and the breath. It adopts a slow breath and firm and direct your awareness to the exhalation. When you reach the end, follow exhaling a little more. Then inhale naturally and freely breathe several times.

When have you rested with three or four normal breaths, repeats this exercise. Not you force; just leave that exhale out until the end. It contracts abdominal muscles at the end of the exhalation to more press the air vent.

After practicing this breath during five minutes-lengthening it every four or five exhalations-returns to the breathing normal. Notes the impact of this exercise: you may have induced in a quiet and calm oasis of peace.

In the course of several weeks perhaps discover that with the passage of the time the exhalation begins to prolong is without effort, even more still. Some experts suggest that one of the most relaxing breathing guidelines is when the exhalation is twice as long as inhalation. When you explore the practice, you may discover that the body takes that direction by itself.

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