Ramiro Calle aphorisms on the mind

The mind is a great unknown. It's like a bottomless pit, an extraordinary mystery. For most people it is a strange overlooking them; a crazy and drunk monkey, a furious elephant, an untamed Tiger.


We are born, live and die with the mind. Everything is based on it, everything is live, feels and is perceived with her. It is the scene of light and shadow where everything is experienced.

If you have not mastered the mind, it will dominate you. If you do not govern it, you will become their puppet.

If there is something you have to live, that is the mind. She is cause for joy or pain, freedom from servitude, happiness or misfortune. Then tries to turn the mind enemy in mind friend, the hostile mind in Allied minds.

Wherever you go, you carry your mind. Whoever you are, you have your mind. How then does not become a priority care for the mind and learn to handle it?

A monarch who does not control his mind is a beggar; a beggar who controls his mind is a monarch.

The agitated mind is not legit. Build creations believed then. The serene mind is as the most loyal friend and that will never betray you.

A restless mind is like a House with a million doors, as it declared Kabir. It's a ment-ira, a fraud, a factory of suffering. Do not think that mind, since she goes on one side and the life going on the other.

If you don't like your mind, replace it; If it produces unhappiness, transform it. In the majority of people urgently needed change the mind.

In the same way that cares, cleaned, served and will exercise the body, should be done, and with much more reason, with the mind. There is no companion so cooperating as a serene and clear mind.

Worse that environmental pollution is the mental pollution. Orders and higienza your mind. Do not do it a wasteland or a dunghill.

Most people are meant for the thoughts. You have to train in the art of know think thinking thoughtful and proper. There is no further conquest of the mind. All the techniques of yoga and meditation open us a path toward true mastery of the mind. We must learn to think and stop thinking.

Attention is the lamp of the mind. Consciousness is clear and unconsciousness is shadow. With the torch of consciousness should be illuminating the darkness of unconsciousness. So much more aware, more are; the more unconscious, are less.

Mediante la atención a le mente, las palabras y los actos, somos más equilibrados, y sabemos cuándo lo idóneo es intervenir o cuando lo idóneo es dejar de hacerlo.

Al igual que se desarrolla la voluntad ejerciéndola, se desarrolla la consciencia cultivándola. Acumula consciencia como una hormiga acumula el grano. Gana consciencia como el río gana en caudal con la lluvia. La mente consciente es mente solar, con luz propia; la mente inconsciente es mente lunar, con luz prestada.

Si aparentemente cuesta lo mismo pensar postiiva que negativamente, ¿porq qué nos dejamos arrastrar por pensamientos insanos? Provechoso es gobernar la mente y que el pensamiento sea guiado e inspirado por la lucidez, la generosidad y la compasión.

Si te dejas tomar por los pensamientos insanos, vives de espaldas a tu naturaleza original. Tan inmerso estás en ellos que no estás en tu ser. Si solo estás en los pensamientos eres como un camaleón que no tiene color propio. Aprende a situarte en la fuente de los pensamientos.

Egocentric thought is like a spider's Web that traps. Avid thinking makes the honey is gall. Reconroso thought is like the pitch that you are immobilized. Malicious thought is as a poisonous.

Combat harmful thoughts by elcultivo of the healthy. Let that negative thoughts pass as the clouds that can not be heaven after itself, and delight yourself with positive thoughts.

Through the constant and diligent effort, the mind can go sosegando. So reports the best of itself. The calm born the vision clear, clear view the clarity and lucidity wisdom.

To the mind that is cause of slavery become cause of freedom.

Through the correct understanding, happy inside, equanimity and calm that the mind retrieves its brighter side.

It monitors your mind so that it is not dragged by insane thoughts, as the good gardener watches over his garden. Watch tua mind so it will not be disturbed and wave, like the good doctor monitors his patient.

Give to others with your mind best and not the worst. Friendship or enmity, affection or hostility, love or anger begins in the mind and permeate the words and works.

Don't allow your mind to host hate, but love; to not retain the obfuscation, but the lucidity; that not be enraice greed, but the generosity.

Train in the concentration of the mind, so that you can take the right direction and not the incorrect. Train to win mind fair which, like a solid mountain, don't get upset unnecessarily by changing events in the world. Train in purifying the mind so that it can reflect the lightness of being.

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