Colaborate with us

Yoga network offers four main possibilities of collaboration:

1 publish your articles. You just feel the power of your wish to transmit. We offer space to make inputs your experience in the dissemination of authentic yoga. The process is simple:

  • Send us your prior proposal: statement or a simple script from the content that will be durable, as well as extension and approximately where you can send the final text.
  • In the magazine, we value the general interest of the proposal and I discussed our opinion, to match the article at levels of quality of the magazine.
  • We sent you the text and admitted in its final draft, edit it and will correct if you need to upload it to the network immediately, signed with your personal and/or professional data and a photograph.

2 post your announcements. We update every day the information you send us about the beginning of courses, classes, workshops, retreats, events, etc., anywhere in Spain.

3. to publish your opinions. The possibility of all the readers of the magazine to contribute their opinion on different articles on the web or on social networks is provided.

4 publish your listings. Advertising spaces shall be duly identified and featured, and it will be only made prior agreements between the parties.

In the first three cases, the publication will be free.