Yoga: the ultimate detox

Sure you are tired of hearing the word "detox" everywhere: diet detox, juice detox, detox, etc., etc. Given this avalanche, some questions occur to me. The first: do we really need a detox? Writes Noelia Insa.

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To this question I would answer Yes. We live in an age of food processed and very treated, quite harmful cosmetics, contaminated environments. Our body has it quite difficult to get rid of all these toxic.

Do detox diets work?

I don't think so. Of course, should be revised case to case, but most of the time, what they try to sell you under the label "detox" are four recipes of natural juices, which you won't wrong, but surely not going to cleanse your body effectively.

What is a detox?

I consider that a detox is any procedure that helps our body to get rid of toxic substances.

The human body has its own system detox, which is very efficient when it comes to transform and eliminate the toxins that exist in nature. The problem is the great proliferation of chemicals to which we are subjected nowadays. Given this overexposure to foreign elements, especially those known as endocrine disruptors, our own cleaning system is insufficient and inappropriate, and the organism develops pathologies such as cancer, diseases metabolic, infertility, etc.

For this reason, it is necessary that we protect these toxic, and have several ways to do it:

-To minimize the exposure to chemicals harmful to the body. This should take into account the composition of the foods and beverages that we eat, as well as products of cosmetics and cleaning we use, and even instruments of kitchen and home that we use.

-Before those toxic falling inevitably in the body, we can do two things:

  • Try that they are not absorbed by organs: there are substances such as chlorophyll or probiotics that prevent the assimilation of toxic substances, such as cadmium, arsenic and lead.
  • Stimulate the functioning of our organs, especially the liver, which is our body detox par excellence, so that they are able to get rid of the toxins that reach them.

That is why, in my view, any procedure that acts in one of these three fronts to protect us from toxic, can be considered a detox.

And having said that, I want to tell you that, after much study on the subject, I have come to realize that yoga, as a whole, is a superb detox procedure.

Why is yoga the ultimate detox?

Sure you've heard the term Yoga detox. As well, in my opinon, it is a redundant expression, because the yoga itself is necessarily detox. In the second of the Yoga Sutra Patanjali's we read:
Yoga citta vritti nirodah. Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.

This is, indeed, the first and last Yoga goal. But to achieve a mind calm, we must first achieve a healthy and balanced body. It is necessary to clean, strengthen and heal the body before we get into more advanced yoga practices.

So when I talk about yoga detox I do not mean, nor much less, a particular Yoga style, because all yoga detox. I refer to the practice of those asanas and pranayama techniques to stimulate the purification of the body.

How does it help the yoga to detoxify us?

Yoga has many ways to help carry out a cleaning and restore balance to our body and mind:

1. practice of asanas or postures is always detoxification under two forms:

  • It stimulates blood circulation, which means that all the cells in our body are better oxygenated and nourished, at the time that helps drag the toxic wastes to the "ways out".
  • Asanas, especially twists, bends forward and back, provide a gentle massage to our internal organs, which promotes its operation. In this way we help organs such as liver, colon and kidneys to fulfill its function of filters, anti-toxic organ par excellence.

2. pranayama or breathing techniques balances our energy, improves the respiratory function and therefore facilitates the cleaning of the organism.

3. yoga is a constant in full consciousness (mindfulness) training. It makes us more aware of ourselves. It helps us to reconnect with our inner voice.

Thanks to this reconnection, return to healthy eating and recover the ideal weight without diets, through what is known as Mindful eating or eat consciously.

We will also keep us voluntarily away from toxic such as tobacco or alcohol.

Tells that a millionaire was to visit to Paramahansa Yogananda, because I wanted to start with the yoga, and asked him: but I have to stop drinking and smoking? Paramahansa replied: No, you don't have to stop drinking, or smoking to practice yoga. What I can not guarantee you is that after practicing yoga for some time you will want to continue smoking or drinking.

4. when we think about detoxifying must not think only in cleaning the body but also the mind. There are more toxic thoughts and harmful to many chemicals. Yoga also helps us with this through the meditation.

Meditation gives us some moments of silence with ourselves, a few moments of isolation and disconnection from the outside world. This has powerful benefits on physical, mental and emotional health.

For all this, I have created a 28-day program, based on the Yoga and in the nature, in which I propose to you a authentic and comprehensive Detox, so come back to connect with yourself and recover your balance.

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Noelia Insa teaches yoga, MOM, blogger and entrepreneur digital. It helps people to find the balance and serenity through yoga. You can find it at:

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