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Did you know that we have neurons in the heart and that they play a key role in resilience? (the ability to take on extreme situations with flexibility and overcome by them leaving strengthened). Edit: Sirio. RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: €14,95

"Live from the heart is the next step in human evolution"

Gregg Braden It shows us in this work one of the most recent findings of the science of the art with respect to the "little brain" that we have in the heart. They are sensory neurons that think, remember and learn independently of our brain. This discovery brings a new meaning to the role that can interpret the intelligence of the heart in our lives.

Resilience from the heart It is an updated and renewed the critically acclaimed work Edition The crucial point. It also contains new information about the surprising discovery of the existence of neurons in the human heart. The powerful heart-brain connection, which takes place through these cells, is also a gateway to the deepest levels of our subconscious mind.

This book answers two questions that seem to be on everyone's mind: how our personal life influence major events that are occurring simultaneously in the world and how it is possible to improve our lives and our family.

Resilience from the heart It is not a scientific book, but speaks of advances in science that invite us to reconsider our relationship with the world and form that is us has conditioned so that we resolve our problems. It is based on research and well documented. It is written with a friendly attitude towards the reader and includes case studies, historical data and personal experiences that reinforce the vision of ourselves as beings with great potential.

It is an example of what happens when you cross the traditional boundaries between science and spirituality. To combine the discoveries made during the 20th century in biology, Geosciences and social change, we get a framework of great force to locate the spectacular changes of our era in a context that will help us to treat those changes.

It contains a new chapter on the newest discovery of recent times: the existence of neurons in the heart and the role in resilience.

It offers solutions and the last chapter out a guide to create your own turning point of resilience.

It proposes strategies that resilience based on the heart to accept the change and loss, with a healthy mind:
• Specific changes you can enter right now in your life to become points of inflection for transforming critical points.
• The road to well adapt your ideas about work and career, money and the economy to a transformed world.
• The facts that define this time ends and the most influential media overlook.
• Keys to Ascend, you and all, to a higher level of straight, healthy and sustainable life.

The author

Gregg Braden is a scientist known for uniting the world of science with the world of spirituality. His works can be seen on the History Channel or Discovery Channel, NBC. Gregg Braden works awaken the best in each of us, providing us with the tools to build a better world. He is also the author of The divine matrix, Spontaneous belief healing, Fractal time o Secrets of a forgotten pray mode.

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