Why crashes occur joint?

The practice of yoga can unlock interaposifarias of spinal joints. What are? How are these blocks produced? How are they released? In this interesting video, Alex monastery explains what the physiotherapist and osteopath.

The union between two vertebrae occurs through three joints: a previous joint in which is included the intervertebral disc, on the previous and most robust of the vertebra, and two rear joints, joint calls interapofisarias, which are two small joints located in the part posterolateral of the vertebra.

Most of the Joint locks vertebral, generated as a consequence, aches and pains occur in them.

In this video Alex Monastario explains What are these blockades joint disorders and how they are generated.

More information: http://yoga-terapeutico.com/

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By • Jul 6, 2017 • section: Therapeutic Yoga