Arcane No. 13: Halasana, the death

The sense of the asana touches the essence of magic origin of Yoga. As with the arcana of the Tarot, the asanas have much more than what they are. 22 weeks will be presenting the arcane and his correspondence with asanas to end reflect on the sacred geometry of our body and its hidden language. Write this series Carmen Viejo.

Keyword: "Transformation"

"Blessed is that which, having seen these rites, take the path beneath the Earth, knows the end of life, as well as his divine beginning." (Pindarus. Eleusinian mysteries)

This arcane bristling hairs of any mortal. Its appearance, frightening and cartoony, seems to want to remember the words of Dante on his journey to the Underworld: "Abandon all hope to cross me".

But Insider transferred it, and lose hope to rediscover it, because the mystery of Death It requires that loss to achieve the great transformation. Change, transformation, is the only possible way of endurance. And the great lesson is to know the nature of that change.

The number 13 It has been a dreaded number, because the transformation is scary. He has also been a revered number. Jesus Christ was 13, coupled with his 12 Apostles. After the twelve, can make a quantum leap of consciousness in the thirteenth: reportedly to thirteen people needed to achieve a quantum transformation molecule.

This transformation requires the death of everything what already fulfilled his mission and will not be useful for the new cycle. You must remove the Earth and this arcane is presented with a scythe to mow the superfluous and prepare fallow for the new crop.

Phoenix, able to regenerate from its own ashes, Scorpion and his Mars, are also allies of this arcane which speaks of the need to close cycles to be able to move forward.

Correspondence in asanas

In Pada Prasarana Vakra Trikonasana, with the leg right front flexed and the other stretched back, torso is rotated counterclockwise while the left hand perches on the ground and the right arm goes up the side. This leads to a renewal of energy that prepares the symbolic death is going to stage. It balances the torque with the other side.

Naukasana, "Position of the boat", refers to the last trip with the ferry serving the cross to the other shore. This stance to ground level, requires the will and strength inside of the practitioner to raise arms and legs. A force internal accumulated in life that allows the elevation above the miseries of the past to close the cycle.

Vrischikasana, "Scorpion posture", takes its name from this animal that has been associated with death since ancient times, as guardian of the underworld, able to enter and exit unscathed, able to plumb the deepest mysteries, capable of maximum passions and your domain. Leaves no one indifferent its meaning or this stunning view, which can be accessed (as long as the position of the head, Shirshasana domine), using a wall support. Vrischikasana Manuel Morata says: "Allows to overcome the apprehension and the States of decay, assuming with decision and courage of life situations".

Halasana, "Stance of the plough", has represented in different cultures encounter of the human being with the beyond. If we observe it with this meaning, we can draw any conclusion that "back on itself" involving its execution, in a State, on the other hand, investment. Its name, the plough, also refers to this tool needed to renew the land at the end of the cycle and prepare it for the new harvest.

And how not, Shavasanathe "relaxation posture or stance of the muriente", must be present in this arcane. If you create with care, from the sitting position, lying with a conscience at the time that each part of the body is in place, fully spread entering directly that powerful State of relaxation and interiorization. Then, this position will deliver its treasure trove in an inert appearance. Shavasana, when performed at the end of a good session, giving the time and enough care, offers the practitioner the experience of death consciously, renovation, bright, in peace, and clearly in continuity with life. Feeling the work completed (if not of life, at least of each stage, and in this case, this session), we can smile and say, like the grandfather of film "The education of Little Tree" on his deathbed: "has been well; the next time will be better."

Note: Study and effects of Pada Prasarana Vakra Trikonasana, Naukasana, Halasana and Shavasana in 183, 127, 155 and 45 pages of Yoga. Theory, practice and methodology, and Vrischikasana on page 365 of Yoga. Enlargement, both Manuel Morata.

Carmen old heir (Ahimsa). Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Yoga Vedanta Academy (School of Sivananda) and by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (school Manuel Morata).


Course "Yoga and arcane: understanding and practice":

1st removal: from 24 to 30 July

2nd removal: 7-August 13

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