Yoga: 16 great books Kairos to deploy its ancient wealth

As you know, yoga is a discipline which dates back several millennia ago. With the passage of time, its evolution has been as fascinating as diverse, both at the level of content and geographical places in which it has been developed starting from other. We share this entry of the Kairos Editorial blog.

Fortunately, we have at our disposal today an enormous amount of information that has been coming us thanks to the work of the great masters, the rigorous translation of classical texts or trials and published studies of those privileged minds who have devoted years to researching yoga in any of its expressions.

In Kairos, Since our inception, we have wanted to contribute to the diffusion of the best written content about yoga written authors and authors who know it in greater depth.

In this post on our blog we have selected:

An essential collection with the most interesting titles of classic Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and others, as well as studies of reference and new titles that speak to us of how can Yoga influence positive in specific cases, as it is the practice in children.

The classical Yoga (Patanjali)

1. Yogasūtra Patanjali

Yogasūtra (or LYou aphorisms of yoga ) of Patanjali It is the founding text of one of the six canonical schools of Indian philosophy and, therefore, the fundamental work to understand this ancient way of thinking which has today resulted in a physical and spiritual discipline practiced throughout the world. It is therefore a universal text that goes beyond religious and cultural budgets of the India and offers a comprehensive analysis of the mind and its relationship with the body.

The aphorisms of yoga is a short work, philosophical and inspiring nature, composed of 196 aphorisms describing the path of consciousness to the ultimate goal of liberation, a classic that we now have the lucky to have translated and commented directly from Sanskrit. It is, therefore, an incorporation of the first order in the philosophical and literary tradition in Spanish language.

The translation of the book is direct from Sanskrit and it has been carried out by Oscar Pujol.

2. Light on the yoga-sutras of Patanjali B.K.S. Iyengar

The philosophy of yoga was first described in the Yoga-Sutras, a collection of aphorisms transmitted for more than two thousand years by the Indian Sage Patanjali.

These sutras they represent the first study of the human psyche, and they remain his most profound and enlightening exhibition. In them, Patanjali addresses the enigma of human existence and shows how, through the practice of yoga, we can autotransformarnos, control the mind and emotions, overcome the obstacles to our spiritual evolution and the goal of yoga: kaivalya, the release of the attachment to the desires and worldly actions, and union with the divine.

This unique Edition contains a new translation of the sutras and also a comment Manager recently was the master of the world most important yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar, that it has enriched the text with their own wisdom and experience in the practice of yoga. The result is a useful and accessible book of immense value both for students of philosophy indicates the practitioners of yoga.

Translation from Sanskrit and commentary of the Iyengar teacher. Preface of Yehudi Menuhin.

3. The heart of the Yoga-sutras B.K.S. Iyengar

The heart of the Yoga Sutras It is a study of the philosophical essence of yoga: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 196 aphorisms, concise and illustrative, which constitute the basis of the ancient philosophy of yoga. The master Iyengar it accompanies them brilliant comments and explanations so that the reader and the writer modern understand to what extent the practice of yoga can transform the mind, body and spirit.

Studies on yoga

4. Yoga philosophy Fernando Tola and Carmen Dragonetti

Philosophy Yoga It is a concise and didactic exhibition of Yoga, as the brilliant described it Patanjali, more than two thousand years. We study the stages - ethical provisions, practice the breathing or concentration - which lead to the last of the yogic path goal: the isolation of the spirit itself. As a complement to teaching, has been added at the end of the book the full Sanskrit text with its translation to the Spanish and notes of the first book of the Yogasutras Patanjali.

In parallel to this exhibition of Yoga, the authors present an extraordinary analysis of those Christian teachings - which could form a "Christian Yoga"-, as the mystics and Christian theologians have exposed them. The outcome of the confrontation of Yoga and Christian mysticism, Western philosophy, and the philosophy of India reveals the astonishing similarity with one another and contributes to the Elimination of prejudices ethnocentric in relation to the thought of the India. Both systems approach allows a greater and deeper understanding of the two.

In the end, Tola and Dragonetti They show how both traditions represent similar efforts to overcome the limits of the human condition and approaching or reaching a Supreme and transcendent reality.

5. Yoga and Buddhism Heinrich Zimmer

Yoga and Buddhism It is a fascinating and deep trial by one of the most eminent specialists of the matter around the world. In this work, the teacher Zimmer explains that the origins of the yogic tradition and teaching of the Buddha they must seek both the ancient matriarchal religion in the India and Vedic philosophy introduced the indoarios.

Yoga and Buddhism is also an extraordinarily attractive synthesis of philosophy, art, and Eastern mysticism. It is, in short, a classic book which is huge useful comparisons, contrasts, and correspondences between East and West.

6. The yoga techniques Mircea Eliade

Yoga is one of the great contributions made by the India to humanity. But it is a phenomenon of complex and poorly understood in the West.

Its meaning has changed over the centuries and according to the traditions. Next to a "classical" Yoga and sistamatico (formulated by the master Patanjali two thousand years ago), also there is a popular, "Baroque" Yoga. If there is an ascetic yoga, we also find their erotic counterpart. If certain traditions or groups, Yoga is primarily a system of "magical" practices in other streams, on the other hand, it is the means to realize the union of the spirit with the spirit. This diversity of meanings and values reveals the role that Yoga in the history of Indian spirituality.

After four years in the India (halfway between the University of Calcutta and an ashram in the Himalayas), Mircea Eliade completed his doctoral thesis on Yoga. Based on his experience of firsthand, his exceptional scholarship and outreach capacity, Eliade wrote four books on the subject, of which The Yoga techniques He was the last and which synthesized enormous baggage that Eliade possessed about Yoga.

Iyengar Yoga

7 light on the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga

Light on Yoga It is the book that first brought Yoga to the Western public. Since its inception, it has become a classic and its author has been recognized as the master of Yoga most internationally respected and wanted.

Thanks to Light on Yoga tens of thousands of people have learned how to make yoga an essential part of their daily lives. This complete edition of large format especially designed for easier use. It will undoubtedly remain the essential guide for anyone interested in Yoga, from the beginner to the more advanced practitioner.

Light on Yoga includes:

  • An introduction to the philosophy and practice of Yoga.
  • Detailed descriptions of more than 200 positions.
  • Techniques for quieting the mind through breathing exercises.
  • More than 600 photos that illustrate the postures and breathing techniques.
  • A workshop of 300 weeks ranging from beginner level to advanced level.
  • Exercises and postures for specific conditions.

The book contains a foreword of Yehudi Menuhin.

8. The light of Yoga B.K.S. Iyengar

The light of Yoga the famous B.K.S. Iyengar a book is compendium of enormous interest to students and practitioners of Yoga. The book is composed of 57 asana keys Hatha Yoga, as well as a summary pranayama.

Profusely illustrated with photographs carefully placed next to the text, The light of Yoga get the student can practice different positions without the express support of a professor. As he writes Yehudi Menuhin in the prologue, The light of Yoga It is a new and brief Edition that will provide the basic art of a very high audience and for a superior practice Yoga.

The light of Yoga It is, in short, a book of enormous clarity and concise. An eminently didactic book which includes:

  • An introduction to the philosophy and practice of Yoga.
  • Detailed description of 57 basic postures.
  • Techniques for quieting the mind through breathing exercises.
  • A progressive 35-week course from the most basic level to an intermediate level. A full glossary of Yoga terms.

The book contains a foreword of Yehudi Menuhin.

9. The tree of yoga B.K.S. Iyengar

The tree of Yoga It is a text concise, simple and easy to read about what the teacher Iyengar yoga means. Iyengar insists that yoga is a spiritual path that implies something much deeper than physical exercise. This spiritual experience is, however, deeply rooted in practice. Thus, all philosophical concepts referred to in the book make direct reference to the practice of yoga postures or breathing. The teacher explores, with depth that characterizes him, on issues as the place which should occupy the yoga in daily life or the scope of the Yoga Sutras Patanjali. It's a book reference invaluable for those who overlook the yoga for the first time, and also of mature reflection for veteran practitioners.

Ashtanga Yoga

10. Ashtanga Yoga from Petri Räisänen

Ashtanga Yoga It is a very detailed and comprehensive compendium of the famous method taught by Pattabhi Jois K. one of the great masters of yoga in our times.

Written and designed both for beginners and advanced practitioners, the text addresses from the practice of asanas yogic postures), the flow of energy, the central ideas of the philosophy of yoga or the origins and history of Ashtanga Yoga. The master Räisänen It places particular emphasis on practicing the asanas in the correct order, following the vinyasa method. In this way they strengthen and tone the muscles, it detoxifies the body and increases mental serenity.

Accurately describes the physical, psychological, and energy benefits of the practice of asanas. And appropriate warnings are made for beginners.

The text has become an indisputable leader of the preliminary practices of Ashtanga Yoga in the West. A true gem of wisdom Yogi, beautifully explained and illustrated.

Kundalini Yoga (classic)

11. Kundalini Gopi Krishna

The potential kundalini, the mysterious Center of power, is known for Indian mystics and Yogis from many centuries ago. Once activated through yoga, kundalini can be the source of an unimaginably powerful energy, giving the individual a great intellectual and spiritual power. In fact, according to the author, you can transform to a human medium into a genius.

This book - which is already a world-famous classic - is an autobiographical account of what happens in the mind and body when the kundalini awakens spontaneously. It describes the dangers, disorders and the balanced final entry at a higher level of consciousness.

Other yogas

12. Tibetan yoga of movement of Dzogchen Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Fabio Andrico

Movement of Tibetan Yoga It is a complete introduction to the Yantra Yoga, one of the oldest traditions of yoga in the world. Padmasambhava introduced her in Tibet in the eighth century and was then transmitted by an lineage of masters to its current holder: the master of Dzogchen Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Yantra Yoga includes many positions similar in form to the of Hatha Yoga but different in the way they are practiced, especially in the coordination of movements and breathing. In this book, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Fabio Andrico There are three preliminary groups of movements and twenty-five sequences of movements (yantras) Basic, with instructions detailed and accompanied by illustrative photos. Simple exercises of preheating, rhythmic breathing instructions and suggestions on routines of practice, followed by a list of health benefits and basic principles of Tibetan medicine are also displayed.

13. The yoga of meditation of Stephen Sturgess

A complete and simplified manual to take the part of yoga allowing calm our mind and body, restore welfare and away from stress. The yoga teacher Stephen Sturgess He teaches in London based in the tradition of Kriya Yoga.

Applications of yoga

14. Yoga for children Ramiro Street

In an era in which our children live constantly bombarded "noise", with problems of concentration, dysfunctions in the dream, hyperactivity, etc, the yoga proves to be a wonderful tool to develop attention, relaxation and physical fitness.

This book, beautifully illustrated, and profuse it has been conceived and designed - at the request of many parents - by Ramiro Calle, the greatest authority on yoga in Spain. It is a practical and simple manual to practice yoga with our children, from the age of 6.

15. Yoga for women of Geeta S. Iyengar

There is no doubt that Geeta S. Iyengar, daughter of the illustrious B.K.S. Iyengar (exponent of the world-renowned Yoga), possesses the gift of Yoga in his blood.

The purpose of Yoga for women It is to help all those women who are under constant physical, emotional and mental pressures. The author argues that tranquillity and health can achieve with the help of Yoga, without the need for drugs. And it is that Yoga is capable - first - tranquilize us; then, awakening the mind; Finally, Yoga paves the way to spiritual rest.

In this book the Yoga postures or asanas are divided into several sections which include simple postures, stretching of the spine forward, right side, back, technical breathing, its effects on the body stretches, etc. The author also points out the steps to follow to move from a purely physical level to a level of higher consciousness.

16 yoga, pregnancy and birth of Janet Balaskas

The practice of Yoga, even the most simple way, is a means extraordinarily effective and appropriate to deal with pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.

Yoga, pregnancy and birth It is the most clear and practical manual ever written about the use of Yoga during pregnancy. The book is lavishly illustrated and can be also very useful for midwives and teachers of Yoga.

Yoga, pregnancy and birth explains:

  • how the practice of Yoga is the key to a happy and relaxed pregnancy, activating the power that gives us the strength to give birth;
  • beneficially influence the force of gravity during pregnancy and birth;
  • How Yoga eliminates stress, strengthens the body and makes us more elastic, and
  • How to practice the exercises more appropriate yoga, gentle and safe, from the simplest to the most advanced.

Yoga, pregnancy and nacimientor it is a book to help the pregnant woman to get in touch with herself. The practice of being aware of own breath, body, mind and feelings, allows you to enter into harmony with the child during pregnancy; at the same time gives women confidence to follow your deepest instincts at the time of giving birth, and, then, to be a mother.

In our library, with more than a thousand books published since the start of the publishing house, of course you can find more books on yoga. However, this selection you have tabled may help you achieve a wide, deep and plural perspective of yoga: their teachers, their most widespread practices and its beginnings.

In addition, you advance exclusively that we are already preparing the edition of The art of the vinyasa, a book of R Freeman and M. Taylor that I will publish in 2017.

Soon we will continue sharing more news and editing new titles on yoga, you'll find both on our website and at your favorite bookstore.

Thank you for your reading complicity!

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