Words by Sw. Satyananda Saraswati/ The Need for Sadhana Yoga

Just as medicine is indispensable for those who are sick, Yoga Sadhana is also a must for those who feel they lack something in their lives. This deficiency can be physical, mental or because of some personality failure.

In fact Yoga Sadhana, it is a collective name for all those techniques that we deliberately adopt to remove imperfections from personality. Man is restless because he feels the absence of virtues in his life. And he is more aware of his vicious nature and those habits that do not allow him to realize his own bliss and connect with his highest Being in the image of God.

Yoga Sadhana means practicing yoga to submit to certain disciplines imposed by oneself in order to be able to cleanse and eliminate mental and physical errors. The disciplinary exercises of yoga are created to re-conduct the mind, intellect, emotions and body in an integral union.

Understand the person as a whole

Por lo tanto, veamos cómo el yoga también es un sistema avanzado en psicoterapia. Cuando hablamos de una persona, no pensamos solamente en su cuerpo físico. Al mismo tiempo, también viene a la memoria la naturaleza de su personalidad interior, con todos sus defectos y sus cualidades. Al inicio, esta idea de la personalidad interna puede no estar clara. Pero para nosotros, el ser humano en definitiva representa su apariencia física junto con sus virtudes, vicios y conocimientos.

Through Yoga Sadhana one can achieve equanimity, serenity and keep the mind focused with firm determination. You also regain lost self-confidence. All these qualities are essential to be able to live successfully in all spheres of life, as long as we know how to use the energies generated with the practices of Sadhana Yoga.

The only way to download karmas is through our own effort in the Sadhana. With meditation, ancient samskaras and negative karmas can burn and dawn the light of knowledge, which burns all samskaras.

Yoga Sadhana is good for self-realization, because all energies generated and not consumed by the mind or emotions are directed to a healthy purpose: the realization of the supreme Being, which is the ultimate goal of life.

Proper practice of yoga, advice and expert guidance are always necessary for a beginner, otherwise we can get lost in a psychic jungle.

Conference Swami Satyananda Saraswati in the V International Yoga Convention, Raigarh, November 1968. Original article in the Magazine Yoga Vol.7, No.9, 1969, Bihar School of Yoga.

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