Festival Mantras 2016: transcendental music festival

Comes a new edition of the Festival Mantras, festival unique in our country dedicated to the music transcendental, sounds that we connect with our inside, voices that caress the soul, rhythms that us lead to the ecstasy.

Festival mantras

The seventh edition of the Mantras Festival starts Thursday 18 February with a night dedicated to the Qawwali, a vibrant tradition musical that is back to the century XIV, originally of the India Islamic, used as vehicle to disseminate the philosophy central of the Sufism. At the beginning it was mainly in India and Pakistan although currently it has gained popularity and is much more widespread. The work of the singer-songwriter Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan from its origins until his recent death, greatly contributed to its spread in the West, thanks to his collaborations with Peter Gabriel and his record label Real World and to bands sound of films from Hollywood and Bollywood as The last temptation of Christ.

The spectacular evening inaugural will be starred by Sajid Ahmed Khan and his ensemble of eight musicians accompanied by traditional instruments such as the harmonium, the table and the dholak.

Friday, February 19

On the second day of the festival, Friday, February 19, we received the visit of Sainkho Namtchylak, a voice that comes from the remote Republic of Tuva, located to the South of Siberia. Sainkho is a specialist of the khoomeï, guttural and bifonicos edges that belong to ancient shamanic traditions. This technique produces multiple sounds at the same time and a powerful sound wave affecting consciousness in many beneficial ways. Sainkho Namtchylak is one of the most unique and unclassifiable artists there, recognized worldwide and that surprises in every new project, breaking with the established. We have a free spirit who has continued to investigate and experiment with his art. We will present, accompanied by his musicians, his new work, entitled Like a Bird or Spirit, not a Facededicated to nomadic people as yours or the tuareg in Africa, which has discovered striking similarities.

That same Friday, February 19, will open the night Antonio Ferrara, renowned singer-songwriter and Spanish producer who has worked with the most famous artists of our country and that presents its ambitious musical proposal which merges elements of pop, singing harmonic and tribal percussion. In addition to his artistic side, Antonio Ferrara is developing a therapy that consists in balancing our subtle and dense bodies through resonance with overtone singing.

Saturday, February 20

The Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma It is a virtuoso of world renown who was born at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, South of Baghdad. His instrument is the lute and the French music critic has baptized him with the nickname of "the new Ziryab", in reference to the great musician of al - Andalus. Naseer Shamma has a talent musical unique and interprets emotional compositions to the auditoriums more important of the world. In his new project, the lute of Naseer Shamma dialogues with other instruments under the title The journey of the souls, combining various styles and creating a sublime and exciting music.

In his concert on Saturday, February 20 Naseer Shaamma will be accompanied among other musicians, as the Italian pianist Cesare peak (To Al Jarreau, Simply Red, Michael Buble) and the Romanian clarinetist Alex Simu (Jorge Reyes, Arto Tunçboyaciyan, Fra Fra Sound).

Sunday, February 21

The seventh edition of the festival will close on Sunday, February 21 with the delicate voice of the American Jai-Jagdeesh, an of the singers of Kirtan most popular in United States. The kirtan is the name in Sanskrit from the canto meditative of Mantras. Is considered that the kirtan is the form more simple of raise the mind and bring it towards the silence inside. Artists such as Prem Joshua and Deva Premal have already passed through our festival fit these simple melodies, derived from the raga or musical classic of the India shape and fused them with contemporary musical arrangements. J

AI - Jagdeesh is also part of this group of artists who increasingly has more followers. She was surrounded by yoga, mantras and meditation songs since he was born in the heart of a community of Kundalini yoga of which he is an expert. Their concert promises to be the clasp of gold ideal to close the Festival.

The Festival Mantras again to bring our city traditions, unique incomparable, artists performances. It is an unavoidable appointment with the beauty and the music that transcends the charts. As in previous editions, the benefits that is generated will be destined to them programs solidarity that coordinates it Ananta Foundation, Organizer of the festival.

The Mantras Festival, in its seventh edition, once again bring us to Madrid, very special artists that will provide unforgettable concerts, high vibrations and a message of peace and respect

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