The Chakras, 7 ways to equlibrar your energy

You're just a body. You're a confluence of energy to seething with life networks. You are part of something bigger and at the same time unique and individual spirit. Don't worry if still not you resonate with this because you have a secret code, a key inside you that can take you most of the autorealizaciones. You have chakras. Mercedes A. Cadarso writes.


In ancient Sanskrit the word "chakra" means wheel, and these seven vortices energy spinning inside your body, located along your spine from your pelvis to your Crown, say more about you than any reflection in a mirror or any description you could do yourself.

Your chakras constantly are opening and closing, widen and shrink, spin faster and then slower, take and loose prana, vital energy, in accordance with the experiences that are happening at a time in your life. They are in constant motion and why it is important to get to know them and know manage them so you will always have energy optimal for your life.

Know your chakras is a journey of self-knowledge, one that can catapult you to your next evolutionary level. They are power wheels and speak of you. If you know them, you will meet yourself.

When our chakras are unbalanced for a long time, your energy begins to fade and then increases the chances of developing a disease or medical condition.

No one wants to be bad, but diseases and ailments are "goats" voices of alarm. It is the way that your organism warn you, protect you, tell you that something is well with your emotions and thoughts and that you should take care of this.

If you're sick or you have some kind of disability, there is no guilt. You've been doing the best that you know with the information you had. Our bodies are very intelligent and provide us the signs that need, they receive new information from your body in the form of symptoms. It uses this information to improve your life, find balance, to take better care to recognize and understand your fears and drop the rage, anger or resentment that you've been storing.

A life better is waiting for us if we are prepared and we are brave enough to explore the meaning behind the symptoms, and that exploration can begin with the chakras.

Medicine Ayurvedic, and more recently the hindu, is based on balance and harmonisation of the chakras because they know that if our "plants" are functioning properly and are distributing and feeding our body's prana, then we are in harmony physically, such as mental, emotional and spiritual and we will be ready and balanced to meet the day to day of wisely as we evolve spiritually.

The history of the chakras is the story of the life of the human being; When we are born we do it with all our chakras but they are latent and it is not until we are going to grow and need other different energies will be activating to help us in our next evolutionary steps.

Our thoughts and emotions play a fundamental part in the behavior of our chakras, but so do the food eat, the colors used, the aromas or perfumes that we expose, the exercise we do... Did you know that there is a type of yoga most suitable for each chakra? As well, in a very simple, easy and economical way, you can restore and maintain the perfect state of your chakras.

How can you align your chakras?

We all chakras, as all have nose, but every nose is different, as well as the functioning of the chakras. We all have but every one of us is more akin to any method, technique, or substance. For this reason a very beautiful part of harmonize the chakras is to know what offers us the nature and science so try what what we going better or prefer to add it as a daily discipline to harmonize our chakras.

Perhaps you like singing and why you choose to harmonize your chakra with the each chakra mantras and before leaving the House, while you shower or dress can go humming, aware of your intention. Or perhaps you are related to the crystals and minerals and you know the properties of some of them and you want to bring that day a glass in particular to energize one or several chakras.

There are different methods to determine the status of each chakra, the first and simplest is to know all facets that each chakra blends and about who has power and reflecting as you are, you'll know that chakra is "touched". Another is with a pendulum, ancient and effective method of measuring and more recently the Kinesiology test or muscle test is also being used.

And, of course, are those who have developed the power of your third eye with his aural vision, intuition or energetic touch that can be read in one way or another "the State of your chakras"

But the really good news is that you don't need anyone to you "fix, open, unblock or harmonize the chakras". It is something that each of us is either unconscious or conscious. You just have to know what is the operation of each chakra and then choose modalities which are you more related and pleasant to return and maintain its status optimal.

I invite you dig in the chakra system you do or don't do yogabecause if you practice so it is a very good harmonize chakras but if don't it doesn't pass anything because there are many other ways to keep your body energy properly flowing through your body and keeping you in harmony and happy.

Each chakra, when it is in perfect energy, vibrating within a range of vibrational frequency. When it is affected and is desarmoniza, it stops vibrating within that range and is when we use techniques that we know and are in our power to get him back to vibrate at the frequency of health. Some of the techniques that we can use and resulting us more to end to our tastes are:

Yoga practice Each asana energizes a chakra in particular

Sound Tibetan bowls, quartz, tuning forks, voice-mantras... each vibrates at a certain frequency that helps to harmonize a chakra in particular
Aromatherapy Each plant emits a certain frequency which is in resonance with a chakra in specific and helps balance

Each chakra vibrates at a specific color and exposing it to that color helps balance

Each food has its own frequency as appropriate to help a chakra balancing
Guided imagery

The brain does not differentiate the reality of a dream, whereupon the visualizations are powerful instruments to harmonise the chakras.

Know and manage your chakras is the best preventive medicine you can do and the best to restore and maintain the harmony in your body that will affect in a way very positive in your daily life.

Mercedes A. Cadarso Sanchez. Professor of Chakras

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