Fernando Díez at the Sivananda Festival of this summer

From 28 to 30 August be held in the special context of la Casa Toya (Zaragoza) Festival Yoga and consciousness that will encourage the Yoga vacation of the Sivananda school. A weekend to connect with your inner self. Invited special: Fernando Díez

Fernando Diez_Sitar

The Saturday 29 of August, Fernando It will offer a group meditation and a concert "Music and development of awareness" . And the Sunday 30 of August will give a lecture with the title "Subecha, the yearning for the awareness".

Musician, an expert in philosophy, Orientalism and mystical writer, Fernando Díez He has participated in many conferences and universities. It organises and teaches courses on Indian philosophy, meditation, music therapy, and personal transformation.

In view of this veteran spiritual seeker, mind, consciousness, and consciousness are universal and unchanging, but yes we can and we need to transform what the character. "The character is formed, according to Patanjali, ignorance, selfishness, attachments, aversions and fears; There is where we need to improve ourselves, "said in an interview for Yoga network. "Yoga helps us because it makes us aware, and when you are aware it is difficult to make things worse," Since we all possess the moral knowledge if they do not interfere the obstacles of the character, which kidnap us the consciousness and, with it, the will, the purpose and our knowledge. Yoga, in any of its variations, helps us to develop the ability to maintain consciousness attached to the will, the greatest psychological heritage: 'Win the ability to be aware and the rest you will be awarded' "."

Believes that Fernando the ability to have self-consciousness is developed through meditation, and meditation is reached by breathing.

(Interviews with Swami Sivasadananda and Gopala, hosts of the Festival, in this link:

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