Advises the FEYS: celebration of the world day of Yoga

The Federación Española de Yoga Satsanga (FEYS) is promoting the world day of Yoga in different parts of Spain, in order to be held in the largest possible number of autonomous communities. For now, started the Organization in Jaén, Úbeda, Zaragoza, Santander, Ciudad Real, Valdepeñas, Burgos, Girona, Valencia, Galicia, Majorca, Madrid, Pamplona, Álava and Getxo.


It is notorious for collaboration we are having by councils, some of which have assigned spaces, supported economically, helped in spreading...

We also inform about collaboration with the Embassy of India in Spain. In Madrid the Embassy is strongly supporting the event, participating in the Organization, and in the rest of cities has been welcome its proposal to project a DVD with a brief series of asanas classic and simple. This series is going to be practiced in all places of the world in which takes place the DMY, with the beautiful particularity that in each time slot we agree at the time to practice it. The same series of Yoga practiced by thousands of people in multiple locations at the same time.

Then we inform you of the actions that are taking place in some of these stocks.

Andalusia (Ubeda)

In Úbeda they have the support of the City Council, which gives the historic Hospital of Santiago, for the celebration of the event. It will also collaborate with the printing of advertising and providing infusions.

Throughout the day it is planned to hold workshops of 1 h 15', simultaneous two at each time. For now, there are ten teachers who will participate, from different schools and lineages: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Essene (FEYS), Taoist Yoga

Castilla de la Mancha (Ciudad Real and Valdepeñas)

-Ciudad Real

In the capital he will celebrate in the Gasset Park. For now, the proposal is as follows:

  • 9 / 10 h meditation
  • 10 / 11 h Sadhana joint
  • 11 / 12 h Workshop Kundalini
  • 11 / 12 h Javier (Baitap Yoga)
  • 12 / 13 h Paul (Sivananda yoga)
  • 12 / 13 h Dipawali (Vinyasa yoga)
  • 13 / 14 h Break (infusion with "something")
  • 14/16.30 h lunch in Serna Shangri-la the
  • 16.30/17.30h Theatre
  • 16.30/17.30h workshop kundalini
  • Montse (laughter Yoga) 17.30/18.30h
  • 17.30/18.30h Prado (Yoga pregnancy)
  • M. 18.30/19.30h Jesus (Yoga of the sound)
  • Arul 18.30/19.30h and Kira (FEYS) (Yoga in pairs)
  • 19.30/20.00h Kirtan "clasico", with 5 minutes of final OM
  • 20.05 h is the step on the Solstice fire


Teachers of Yoga in Valdepenas platform was created for the celebration of the event. For the first time, all teachers of the place have United to work together, living and expressing the spirit of union of Yoga.

This platform the following schools comprise: Ananta, school of Biodanza and Personal development, Asha Yoga (FEYS), school of Yoga Mandala-School of Yoga WITRYH-Ciudad Real (FEYS), Nosoloyoga, Centre of Serenity Center, Yoga, Yoga Center, Surya.

Among all will create and lead a one-hour session, completing the Dvd that will send the India Embassy, and will repeat 2 or 3 times in the morning, and one in the afternoon adapted to children, families...

He has requested the new square as a meeting place, and the collaboration of the Town Hall.

Catalonia (Girona)

He has been requested as meeting place Fontajau Pavilion. It is to be a full day of activities.

The day starts with a small meditation practice, followed by the presentation of the planned activities, and will give way to the Sadhana of the Dvd, complete with some pranayama and relaxation.

Completed the joint practice begin workshops and lectures until lunchtime, having simultaneous 2.

There is a break to eat and rest, and in the afternoon followed by workshop/lectures, to finish with a kirtan from 18:00 to 20:00.

In addition, there will be a children's area that will also offer a workshop. Meetings continue to sharpen and specify schedules, workshops...

As part of the Organization we have: Shanti Nilaya (FEYS), Omshanti Girona, Nilaya (Olot), Happy Yoga Girona, and two professors who teach classes on their own.


In recent years there has been a team made up of federations and schools that has dealt with the Organization, which has been the FEYS. And this year it has joined, special participation, the Embassy of India in Spain.

They also have the support of the City Council, which has already given the requested spaces.

Now the forecast is to make two acts:

  1. Social event (11.00 to 13.30 hours) in the gardens of the discovery (Plaza de Colón). The event consists of the projection of the DVD with the class master, which comes from the Indian Government. DVD session there will be teachers across space to direct practice and other teachers to make corrections/adjustments to attendees. The DVD will be projected on two big screens and on screens smaller...

After the DVD, the schools/federations will give a 30-minute session, each in the space that is designated.

The next time will be for attendees to attend informative tables of each school, request information, etc... To attend the event estimated a capacity crowd of 1,500-2,000 people. These people will have to make a reservation online, Facebook and assist with the input that may be collected at different locations that we are part of the Organization of the DMY. The wizard you must bring a mat...

  1. Institutional event (from 17.00 to 19.00 hours). It will take place at the Fernan Gomez Theatre, located below the gardens. A traditional theater seating in the great Hall with is 700 people.

700 people with entry (different from the one in the morning) will be attended by. Will be attended by politicians, public figures, etc. It will be a Conference on Yoga. There will be 4 or 5 panels with different themes. Panel there will be 4 or 5 people who will speak for 5 minutes of the selected theme. Then there will be questions...

Navarra (Pamplona)

Set among some 15 people from 7 different schools: Naradeva Mahashakti, Sanatana Dharma, Sahaja, magic Yoga, Yoga 7 (FEYS), Witryh Yoga school (FEYS).

And we counted with the collaboration of the City Hall, which for now has given us the bulwark Cultural Center for that day, covering the more than 2,000 euros which involves expenditure on technical team...

The planned organization is as follows:

-During the week will be to give workshops every afternoon in squares, parks... by way of broadcasting. One of these consists of the practice of the table that is going to work on Saturday and Sunday in the sadhana.

-‐ On Saturday will make a joint sadhana in the morning and another in the afternoon, ending with a kirtan.

-‐ Sunday consists of several parts:

  1. 7.00 hours: Sadhana.
  2. 9.00 hours: opening the practice proposed by the Embassy.
  3. 9.30 to 14.30 and 16.30 to 20.00 hours: workshops, conferences... throughout the day there will be 4 spaces offering different activities related to Yoga: classes, lectures, meditations... the idea is to share with people of all ages, so we plan to include Yoga classes for kids, Yoga family, vegetarian cooking for children, Yoga for seniors... in addition to all the different styles of Yoga sessions.
  • 12.00 hours: Theatre. Sanatana Dharma school offers his work "The Ramayana".
  • Concert: counted with the presence of Antonio j. Asiain, which will delight with their meditative concert: "Music to immerse themselves inside".
  • Kirtan: there will be moments of music, of singing all together... One of the groups that planned is Sarva. It will also have Yoga teachers have joined to share mantras and joy with the attendees.

Basque country (Alava and Getxo)


They have called for all the teachers of the region, and a total of 25 people are collaborating. The municipality of Amurrio collaborates with 700 euros and paying material (public address equipment).

And expected more collaborations: herbal remedies and health centres in the area, a retiree who is making wooden benches that are sold and handled, thereby helping to finance...

To date, it has been decided the following:

Saturday 20: Full day on the premises of the sports centre of Amurrio and outdoor spaces.

Open day, offering workshops and lectures on Yoga. 3 different spaces is enabled. Presentation of the day and event, activities, and possibly with a common sadhana (perhaps what the DVD mark). And end with a kirtan, yet realize.

Sunday 21 overnight: Practice of the RV of the India Embassy, complemented with pranayama, meditation, mantras, dances... If the works have been completed, this practice could be used as opening of the Hermitage of San Antón square.

Perhaps be given food, so people will not have to move. We talked with a restaurant that would prepare food in casseroles.

It has created a community on facebook, to give information about the day, about Yoga, with photos, documents, texts...

-Getxo (Vizcaya)

Friday 19: Ramayana-theatre by the Sana'a-Dhar of Sanatana Dharma of Cestona school group

Saturday 20: Conferences and simultaneous workshops throughout the day in three rooms of the sports 'Fadura' of Getxo Kirolak in Getxo-Bizkaia. Concert of mantras by the Pamplona SARVA group

Participating schools: Kundalini, Ashtanga, Sanatana Dharma, Witryh (FEYS), Samhata-Vizcaya, Kriya Yoga of Babaji, GFU, and professors of different formations in the city.

Sunday 21: Yoga session in the street. Participation of the 1st Edition of 2014: 400-500 people


Our representatives are taking care of spreading and to contact schools of Yoga of EEC, Lugo, Pontevedra, Ourense and Coruña.

For now, EEC City Hall has provided places for the celebration, and there is already a small interested team to organize something.

Balearic Islands (Mallorca)

This has been one of the last places that have joined the celebration. The preparations are beginning to contact and inform.

More information: Federación Española de Yoga Satsanga
16 Padierne-Navajeda, 39715 Entrambasaguas-Cantabria
T 647 653 580 ·

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