Book / yoga school, Dolors Garcia Debesa

The book is addressed to teachers, parents, educators and anyone interested in education as an engine of change. It consists of a theoretical part and a practical part and an evaluation of the results. Edit: octahedron. PVP: 17 euros.

We understand education as a learning for life, you see that it goes beyond the merely instrumental function, and extends towards the integral development of the person. The yoga works from this perspective, taking into account that we are a unit: body, mind and spirit.

School is a space for the knowledge of oneself and of the world, in it we can develop the qualities that make us truly human. Learning to live together, to be responsible for us taking into account to the other, to create an atmosphere of respect for self and others, developing a social and ethical code that will help us to live together in society.

Yoga contributes to Awakening "multiple intelligences" that we have to be more creative, smart, happy and free. For good learning, the body needs to be relaxed, breathing should be free, balanced emotions, and the mind has to be concentrated: "learning to learn".
The author

Dolors Garcia Debesa. He is a teacher and yoga teacher. Diploma in Yoga techniques at school and in relaxation techniques at the school from the RYE (Recherche sur le Yoga dans l' Éducation), is an expert in techniques of expression and psychomotricity and trainer of the RYE Spain. She teaches courses, seminars and conferences in different areas. As a teacher he practices this discipline in the classroom with very satisfying results.

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