Sadhaka: the path of yoga (2)

There is one type of people for whom "being" is not so obvious. Since children are wondering: "What should I do here?" who am I? ", what is"here"? Others, however, can live his life without be rozados by these concerns. Writes Nicolas Gauthier, director of Sadhaka: the path of yoga.


Browse latest people manufactured and drive cars, make love, chat near the coffee machine, are annoyed by this reason and its opposite, prepare your holidays, are worried about their children, want to change the world, succeed, and then lose it, make war, cause it, know that they will die but it think as little as possible, and all that, of course, is enough to fill a life.

However, there is another kind of people for whom all that is not enough. Or is too much. The fact is that it does not meet them. Are they wiser or less wise than others? Never resets in a kind of stupor which forbids them to live without asking why they live and what is the meaning of all of this, if a sense there are... It is stronger than themselves to find the answers. And as others sought them, or intend to have them found, collect their Testimonials.

The documentary aims to go on this quest for fundamental answers.Through the experience and practice of Calle Ramiro in Spain and instructors and Yogis in India, the narrator - as El Principito de Saint-Exupéry - goes down: what is yoga?, what for?

Swami Veda Bharati told him: "timeless and natural activities of the mind, such as prayer, contemplation and meditation provide tools for communication within oneself and with others. Thus, yoga teaches the ways through which these intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships can be used to get to know our roles, identities, responsibilities and standards of conduct, discovering the true nature of one's own existence, intelligence and happiness".

That's wisdom? How to apply this Ethics on a daily basis?

At the moment, everything seems to flow perfectly near the Ganges, in Varanasi (Benares). The only time is a stream in which I'm going fishing. The current continues but eternity remains...

Trailer #2

* Thank you for supporting us in crowdfunding platform to make this project a documentary at the height of our technical and narrative expectations. At the moment will be online in VOD (Video On Demand) Vimeo platform, as well as an Edition on DVD (with extras) for all the people who helped us to produce it.

Address: Nicolas Gauthier
Music: Luis Camino

Planned release: March 2015

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