Spirituality and human nature today

Fernando Díez, Javier Sádaba, David Jou, Francisco J. Rubia, Ramon M. Nogués and Vicente Merlo will participate in the course "Spirituality and human nature today" to the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona held the third Monday of each month, from January to June 2015.

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Francisco J. Rubia, author of The spiritual brain (in preparation), will speak on "is the spiritual brain? The Neuroespiritualidad"in January, inaugurating the course.

Javier Sadaba He graduated in philosophy and literature from the Universidad Pontificia of Salamanca and in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome and a doctorate in philosophy and literature from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In February he will speak on "Ethics, philosophy and spirituality".

David Jou He is a Professor of Physics of condensed matter at the UAB and author, among many other books, of The labyrinth of time. In March his speech will be: "about the purpose of the universe".

The Professor Emeritus of biology at the UAB, Ramon M. Nogues, author of Gods, beliefs and neurons. A scientific approach to religion, about life and death. Possibilities and limits of human intervention and Brain and transcendence, It will make the subject "The evolution of human spiritual desire" by April.

Fernando Díez It is philosopher, musician, orientalist, writer and performer of sitar, lecturer. His latest book is Science and consciousness, the quantum paradigm and the spiritual search. He will speak in may on "Science, consciousness and the spiritual quest".

Vicente Merlo He holds a PhD in philosophy, author of a counterpoint to Hinduism, Svami Satyananda Sarasvati, discuss "La la Interfaith spirituality" in June.

Spirituality or searching for the intangible

One of the pillars that are basic to a person is the yearning for spirituality. The real growth implies wonder about the mystery of existence, search for answer to the question of the beyond, dive into the unfathomable fate of being search or open increasingly felt in every cell own vibration of the universe, in a kind of fusion with nothing.

Spirituality is the intangible oriented search to restore the link between the human being and be Global (the universe, life, God). But the recognition that spirituality does not mean religion, but that is a vital dimension more, represents an important step forward and is a sign that humanity is entering a new paradigm. They are agnostics, even atheists, agree that there is a kind of restlessness and possibility of experience which is not reducible to the desire for knowledge - scientific curiosity - or the metaphysical bet - religion and philosophy - and even altruistic solidarity impulse, despite being linked to this. At the same time, increasingly more religious people of different traditions, sympathize with the new design and provide valuable nuances to it.

In the Area of spirituality of the Gestalt Institute proposed exploring spirituality from the perspective of the new paradigm and its relationship with human nature. And they addressed it from several disciplines, from neuroscience to interfaith through ethics, philosophy, quantum physics, evolutionary vision and science, among others.

More information: http://www.institutgestalt.com/html2/ds/documentos-subarea/008033001.pdf

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