Unnata aerial Yoga teacher training

A training course in exclusive Spanish already certified yoga instructor (or equivalent). You will learn to use the hammock air Yoga as a support that allows you to dig deeper into your classes. Always integrating it in your own style with total fidelity to ancient yoga philosophy and practice.


The ® Unnata aerial Yoga want to avoid the sensationalism the 'stunt' to preserve that feeling of relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality that is obtained in the authentic yoga classes. Their instructors put much emphasis on explain that here the hammock is one more tool, a support to facilitate and deepen the postural alignment with just relaxation.

Aerial Yoga Unnata® aims to maintain leadership in quality in the newly created field of the teaching of Yoga ' suspension'. For this reason we invite you to join your community pioneer teachers innovative, funny and honest.

Montse Lominchar, Professor of Unnata aerial Yoga and founder and Director of the Center Yogasadhana, comenta: “Este curso no solo te enseñará qué hacer con la hamaca, también te aportará el por qué y el cómo hacerlo. Cuando has entendido las razones por las que utilizar la tela como herramienta de práctica, tu curiosidad te llevará a experimentar y convertirte en tu propio guía para continuar explorando nuevas sensaciones, aunque bajo supervisión. Tus guiones de Yoga Aéreo Unnata® ayudarán a tus alumnos a continuar desplegando sus alas en el camino de autodescubrimiento que amorosamente llamamos Yoga”.

Contents of the course

You will learn:

  • More than 100 asanas air to begin your practice and an infinite number of possibilities arising from your own creativity and the creativity of all aerial Yoga instructors Unnata® around the world.
  • How safely to guide students in the entrance and exit of the asanas.
  • How to assist students with all kinds of shapes and capabilities.
  • How integrate the use of the hammock in the concept of yoga that you've learned and practiced Until now.
  • How can help the hammock to teach students about the power of the subtle bodies to obtain a really full yoga practice.
  • Anatomy of the fundamental positions of aerial Yoga Unnata® (by Pablo Soldevila, aerial Yoga teacher Unnata® and osteopath)

Unnata teachers work to allow the force of gravity to teach and promote correct body alignment and also for, once discovered, students learn to use their own strength to maintain useful alignment throughout the day.

A unique and environmentally friendly method

Unnata aerial yoga is unique and differs from other styles of yoga air for several reasons:

  • Awareness the students constantly relating and comparing the asanas and air exercises in the hammock with the asanas of the soil. The teacher seeks students to understand how the use of the hammock improves or helps to find out what you are trying to get the asanas on the ground.
  • It gets emphasis on achieving flexibility through relaxation. Only then the body allows to realign the position either by the force of gravity or by body awareness.
  • The use of conscious breathing or pranayama, singing, visualization or meditation practices allows to increase the potential of the student for real transformation.
  • Passive inverted postures in the hammock are used to teach the bandhas. Once students have felt the bandhas passively, it is easier to practice to get that same feeling through muscle use.

After graduation

The price of the course includes the license to teach aerial Yoga Unnata® for a year after the course. Optional license renewal each year (not obligatory) at an affordable price, royalty-free.

Contact information easily accessible on the websites aerialyoga.com and yogasadhana.es

Continued support for aerial Yoga instructors Unnata® for any questions about safety, technical, marketing, fabrics, installation, etc.

® Unnata aerial Yoga has generated a reputation for quality in yoga instruction. In order to maintain the quality standards and for the limited license to teach material aerial Yoga Unnata® is mandatory to participate in 100% training (will be allowed partial attendance) and also the final exam must approve.

More information

Centro Yogasadhana. C/ Ramón y Cajal 4, 1ºB 13001 Ciudad Real. T 926 67 07 85 / 600 58 23 81


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