What do the weekend

This weekend there are many activities to further deepen our practice: retreats, formations, techniques, ayurveda, ashtanga, relaxation workshop... Good notes.

Swami Atmaramananda

Friday, October 11

Special programs with Swami Atmaramananda

For many years of Swami Vishnudevananda, Swami Atmaramananda was student. He directs the Sivananda Centre of Madrid and is Acharya for the activities of the school Sivananda in Eastern Europe. He has lived several years in the India and teaches with enthusiasm and humour.

Asanas and Pranayama classes: Swami Atmaramananda will teach in class on Friday at 19.00 h on the following dates: 11 October and 18 October. Enjoy a detailed follow-up of your practice by a teacher with much experience.

Wednesday 19.00 h on 16 October to 6 November. Living spirituality in everyday life.

Intensive weekend Asana (two-hour classes) Saturday 12 October, from 17:00 to 19:00 h.

How to control stress with the asanas Sunday 13 October, from 17:00 to 19:00 h.

Flexibility of the spinal column Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December. Yoga Festival: master of your destiny.

And continues this weekend the Navaratri and Vijaya Dashami Festival with a priest of the India, pujas (ceremonies), and meditation. Nine days of worship of the divine mother. The Festival culminates with the "day of victory", Vijaya Dasami, the tenth day (Monday 14)...

Where: C / Eraso 4 (metro Diego de León) Madrid
www.sivananda.es • madrid@sivananda.net

More information: http://www.sivananda.org/madrid/invitados.htm

Yoga teachers training (AEPY) in Barcelona

Open enrollment. Home course: October 11 mode Friday; 26 and 27 October weekend mode. Duration: 4 years / 900 hours (600 teaching h, 300 h of practice and tutorials). From October to June. Diploma from Escola Yogavida and the AEPY (Spanish Association of Yoga practitioners). Trainer: Habib BA.

Training for all those who want to deepen the knowledge of this science, already having some experience in the practice of yoga, either as personal growth and as a basis to improve their own practice and experience, either by a specific interest in preparing for teaching and the teaching of yoga in its various applications. You'll find all the practical information (schedules, prices, schedule of classes, materials, etc.) on our website.

Contact: info@escolayogavida.com or by calling 93 209 33 98.

Where: Escola Yogavida I

Address: C / Villarroel, 65-67 Barcelona

More information: http://www.escolayogavida.com/site/index.php/formacion-de-profesores

Yoga and hiking retreat

This bridge or the weekend of the pillar rests in a different environment. Recharge in nature with healthy food, yoga and meditation classes, meditative walks in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. Enjoy the tranquility and the spectacle of colors of autumn in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Date: From 11 to 13 October

Where: House Cuadrau, Yoga, art and nature in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

More information: www.casacuadrau.org

Techniques of relaxation and personal conflict management workshop

Learn how to solve everyday conflicts and relax deeply through the different techniques of Shri Vivek integral Yoga and enjoy work, family, friends of relations... with Acharya Prabodhanand (Joaquín Hervás)

In the Civic Center "Cotxeres Borrell" next to the metro to Poble Sec in Barcelona. The workshop will take place from 17-18.30 h Friday from Friday 11th of October until December 20. Places are limited.

Sessions 9 price: €66,96. For more information and reservations: tallers@cotxeresborrell.net 93 324 83 50 Tel.

Where: Centro Cívico "Cotxeres Borrell". Barcelona

Address: c 2-8 Viladomat. Barcelona

More information: http://www.viviendoelyoga.com/

Ayurveda Abhyangan Pránico massage training

Indian traditional massage is the oldest and most effective mental body balance system. We know that Ayurveda is the mother of all sciences, is the first and the only natural ancient method of relaxation, (physical and mental) cleaning and rejuvenation of the human organism. In Ayurvedic Abhyangan-Pranic or Prana massage chikitsa, the technical pranic are the most highly valued within the tradition of Ayurveda, and they are being introduced in the West by our school.

In addition to the techniques of manipulation, in the course taught techniques to obtain an inner peace, which then can be transmitted to others through massage. Only you can see the difference between other techniques of Ayurveda and the Prana Chikitsa through experience, after which its relaxation effects are clearly visible on the physical level. In this technique of massage, we work to balance the energy in the body, release channels, cleaning the chakras and the blood circulation. This massage technique uses circulatory movements, pressures and energy as a channel for help who receives it.

Using the techniques of kneading, digit puncture and friction relaxed system circulatory, lymphatic, emotional, energy and muscle to help eliminate fatigue both mental and physical, that produces a deep relaxation that helps us recovery of physical and mental health.

Free information session: 11 October at 20 h (course start date: November 8, 2013)

Duration: 8 months taught by Yogi Jivan Vismay

Contact: 93 455 46 67 shrivivekyoga@gmail.com - 678-735-61

Where: Shri Vivek Center

Address: Street Panissars, 17 bajos, Barcelona

More information: http://shrivivekyoga.org/cms/content/formaci-n-en-ayurveda-yoga

Saturday, October 12

Kundalini Tantra

Presentation with free input of the "Evolution of personality" course through the chakras. It includes sound meditation on chakras.
During this session will be the content and the dynamics of the course and make a sonorous meditation on the main center of power.

Opening hours: 13:00 to 14:00 h

Where: Anandamaya Integral Wellness Center is located in c / Alcalá, 68.Madrid

More information:

Ashtanga Yoga Workshop in 2 modules with Jose Carballal

"Ashtanga yoga, how, why and for what". Two weekends intensive workshop aimed at practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga of any level who have concern for a vision more complete and global practice. The idea of this intensive is to meet during two weekends, separated by a period of one month, so that students can work on everything I learned in the intensive, so that information is integrated and secure , and may be ready to step deeper into the teaching of the following module.

First module: 12 and 13 October: "The body" "Ashtanga yoga is not easy" Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Saturday 12 am (09.00/13.00)

Presentation of the Group and several group work with the intention to focus the course

  1. We will carry out different works related to the practice and understanding of different aspects of yoga, including meditation, mantras and other yogic practices.
  2. Self practice (practice-mysore style)
  3. Collection of practice, questions and comments

Afternoon: (14.30/19.00)

Theoretical class on the physical practice, covering the following:

  • The reason for working with asanas
  • The bases of the ujjay breathing, the bands and the dristhis.
  • How to enter, stay and exit of asanas
  • Explanation of the realization, asana for asana, of the first series of ashtanga

Sunday 13 tomorrow (9.00/13.00)

  • We will carry out different works related to the practice and understanding of different aspects of yoga, including meditation, mantras and other yogic practices.
  • Guided - practice collection

Afternoon: (14.30/19.00)

  • Continuation of asana by asana explanation
  • The specific effects of asanas in the body
  • Dynamic and sense the vinyasa, and how to perform the jumps back and forth.
  • Practice with injury and with pain. How to keep working without increasing the damage.
  • Talk about other aspects that affect the body, like food, sleep, etc... And resolution of doubts.
  • Closure of the group work

Segundo módulo, 9/10 de Noviembre Sábado 9 “La mente” “El 95% de las limitaciones están entre las orejas” Peter Sanson Mañana (09.00/13.30)

  1. We will carry out different works related to the practice and understanding of different aspects of yoga, including meditation, mantras and other yogic practices.
  2. Práctica Mysore

Tarde (14.30/18.00) Clase teórica sobre la actitud mental, cubriendo lo siguiente:

  • Los efectos de la práctica sobre la mente
  • Resistencias mentales, por qué y cómo superarlas
  • Cómo trabajar de forma idónea con la mente
  • Ejercicios prácticos de concentración Domingo 10 “El alma” “Todo lo que hay, es conciencia” Ramesh Balsekar

Mañana (09.00/13.30)

  1. We will carry out different works related to the practice and understanding of different aspects of yoga, including meditation, mantras and other yogic practices.
  2. Práctica Mysore
  3. Recogida de la práctica

Tarde (14.30/18.00)

Clase teórica sobre la filosofía del yoga, espacio abierto para la reflexión en grupo y el intercambio de visiones y puntos de vista. Hablaremos de las 8 ramas del ashtanga, de la “actitud yóguica” y de cómo poder llevar la práctica fuera de la sala de yoga.

Precio primer taller: 120 € (Alumnos mysore H. 105 €)

Precio segundo taller: 100 € (Alumnos mysore H. 85 €) Precio ambos talleres: 200 € (Alumnos mysore H. 180 €)

Reserve your place: mysorehouse@ashtanga-yoga.es. Tlf: 651 151 566.

Where: Mysore House Ashtanga yoga

Address: Santa Engracia 70. Madrid

More information: http://ashtanga-yoga.es/mysore-house/

Vipassana meditation

Vipassana significa ver las cosas tal y como son en realidad. La meditación Vipassana nos lleva hacia la libertad y la claridad de nuestra naturaleza esencial. Es un proceso de auto-purificación mediante la auto-observación.

Opening hours: 19:30 a 21:30 h

Where: Anandamaya Integral Wellness Center is located in c / Alcalá, 68.Madrid

More information:

Curso teórico-práctico “El sendero del yoga: de la antigüedad a nuestros días”.

Un sábado al mes, de octubre de 2013 a diciembre de 2013 (12 oct., 9 nov., 21 dic.) Mañana: de 10 a 14 h. Tarde: de 16 a 19h. Curso teórico-práctico “El sendero del yoga: de la antigüedad a nuestros días”. 21 hs. Prof: Montserrat Simón. Círculo Armonía (Madrid).

Trabajaremos con el análisis de textos y una exposición teórica, acompañados de una pequeña práctica que nos permita integrar lo que hemos trabajado en la sesión. Es un curso introductorio muy apropiado para practicantes, alumnos y profesores de yoga que deseen conocer más de esta tradición y dar un contexto más amplio a su práctica. También disfrutarán del curso todas aquellas personas que se sienten atraídas por la cultura hindú, así como las personas inmersas en un camino de crecimiento personal que quieran ahondar en el camino del yoga y lo que esta tradición ha aportado y aporta a la expansión de la conciencia humana.

Information and reservations: montse.simon@gmail.com Montse: 605800697

Where: Circle of harmony. C / 15 head. Madrid

Monthly workshop: lumbo sacral Center

We will work the Lumbo-sacral Center, associated with the pleasure to move, finding our area of freedom. Deepening the expression through the release of blockages in the area of the pelvis and lumbar area. We are delving into our relationship with sensuality, passion and energy we put into every activity, the freedom to express the joy that comes from the movement and integrate it throughout the body.

Instructor: Valeria Zylbersztejn

Place: C / Església, 4-10. 4th floor. Plaza Virreina. Graci. Barcelona

Information and registration: valeriazyl@yahoo.com / Tel. 658 654 824

More information: http://valezyl.wordpress.com/

Anti-stress with tools of Yoga Workshop

Take advantage of the weekend to free yourself from stress and relax the most. In this workshop we use different tools of yoga and other disciplines (play therapy, guided relaxation, auto-masajes, etc.) to dissolve stress. Its holistic approach and playful ensures an improvement in the sense of well-being while you take more awareness of what you can do in your life to reduce it. It is suitable for those who want to: eliminate stress; have a different time and learn to generate less stress in the future.

Price: 15 euros per person.

More information and registration to the: phone 622-339-881 or info@espacioimpulso.es

Where: Momentum space.

Address: Passage Vilaret, 17. Barcelona

More information: http://www.espacioimpulso.es/

Sunday, October 13

Conference and meditation

Conferencia, visualización y meditación: terapia energética individual, nueva visión. reconexión con tu ser, constelaciones familiares, sanación del aura, conexiones con vidas pasadas y con tus guías.

It teaches: Belén Cerviño.

Free entrance

Opening hours: 19:00 h

Where: Anandamaya Integral Wellness Center is located in c / Alcalá, 68.Madrid

More information: http://www.retiroanandamaya.com/

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