Viewing to relax: the sea

It will help you put a CD with sea sounds. Visualize yourself floating in a calm sea. Makes a glorious day and the water temperature is very pleasant. You feel light floating...

This beautiful photo of Ramon Carter, practitioner of yoga, inspiring this display:

Inhale and leads the exhalation to the right foot. You feel how fluid, how it becomes part of the sea.

It now carries the exhalation to left foot. You feel how it is already part of the sea. Your feet no longer exist, are part of the sea.

Exhalation takes the right calf and displayed how becomes sea...

Continue thus to become water marina throughout your body. You are already a part of the vast ocean that protects and cradles. In it you rock you, fleets, months you and fleets...

Little by little the sea going redeposited on the beach, like a wave, already become new in your body but now relaxed and as a reborn, full of vital energy.

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By • 10 Dec, 2012 • section: Bless you