Calle Ramiro free Conference: the real Yoga and its scope

In Madrid, on 15 December, the well-known writer and orientalist Ramiro Calle will talk about authentic Yoga and its scope.

"Yoga - says Ramiro street - it has become a product within the spiritual supermarket and what he has done on many occasions is to distort it to sell it as a simple training of the body, subtracting you its true meaning." "According to the standard of beauty today, people want to have a slender body, even inside a disaster and even if the mind is a container of negative thoughts, selfishness and unhealthy tendencies".

"'Yoga' types that have nothing to do with the real Yoga are sold today, and many practitioners forget full of pranayama and meditation, or other methods, to focus obsessive and compulsive in the asanas, without making the real conscious work on the body which requires the Hatha yoga. The tragedy of Yoga is that it has become a sports or athletic yoga, in a cult of the body, giving way to the picture of the champion, narcissism and the strengthening of the ego".

Free Conference.

Time: 18:00 to 20:0

Place: Bodhigaya, c / Hermosilla 163, Madrid Center

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By • 7 Dec, 2012 • section: Events